India’s FIRST & only ‘twin-cylinder’ Yamaha ‘RX200’: This is IT [Video]

A lot of you would agree that the Yamaha RX100 is the most fun-to-ride low-displacement motorcycle in the history of Indian two-wheeler market. The RX100 has been out of production for more than two decades now, but continues to enjoy a huge fan following. While we’ve seen some really well-maintained RX100s in the past, the motorcycle we have here is simply a league ahead. Actually, it’s an RX100 that has a custom parallel twin engine because, why not? As you can see in the video below, this motorcycle is at least twice as much fun and leaves the vlogger totally impressed.

This motorcycle has been modified by Mr Yusuf from Mumbai. Basically, he has installed a parallel twin-cylinder engine on his RX100. While this experiment has been highly successful, Yusuf insists that this motorcycle is only for personal use and he has no plans of making a profit by selling it off. Other than the new engine, his RX100 also has a dual disc brake set-up on the front wheel, a slightly wider fuel tank, a modified chassis, a dual-carb setup, and ‘Made in Japan’ RD350-spec spark plugs. He has also installed the Yamaha RXZ’s speedo console. Thanks to the twin-engine format, this motorcycle gets a dual exhaust system. In spite of all the mods, however, the motorcycle looks much like the stock RX100.

The vlogger who rode this motorcycle was impressed by the higher refinement levels and the smoother power delivery. He was also very happy about the fact that this RX100 felt like a much larger motorcycle but retained its 2-stroke charm. Of course, the custom dual-disc brakes has made it a lot safer, too. The ‘RX200’ is not only quicker but is also more practical for city use. You can easily cruise along at 30-40 kmph in a higher gear. Basically, the twin-cylinder engines are more refined than single-cylinder motors. A twin-cylinder format and a higher displacement must have taken a toll on this motorcycle’s fuel efficiency, but this engine offers a significant power advantage.

The stock Yamaha RX100 came with a 98cc, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine that outputs 11 bhp at 7,500 rpm and a peak torque of 10.39 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The motorcycle had a kerb weight of just 102 KGs. The motor came mated to a four-speed manual transmission. While the power figures of the twin-cylinder RX100 aren’t known, it’s definitely a lot more powerful than the regular version.

Video source – Ride with Raj on Youtube