India’s first petrol-electric hybrid Honda Activa: This is IT

Honda Activa is one of the most popular automatic scooter sold in the market currently. Honda Activa is so popular in India that, the manufacturer had sold over 2.5 crore units of Activa scooters in 20 years. It is one of the most commonly spotted scooters on our roads. It is available in 110 and 125-cc variants. Electric scooters are also gaining popularity among buyers and several brands like TVS, Ather, Bajaj and Okinawa have their electric scooters in the segment. We have featured several videos on internet where a petrol Activa scooter is converted into an electric scooter but, here we have a Honda Activa which modified into a petrol-electric hybrid scooter.

The video has been uploaded by e-wheeler on their YouTube channel. Vlogger starts the video by introducing the brains behind this video. This is probably first and only petrol-electric hybrid scooter in the country. What makes this scooter unique is that, the owner has made all necessary modifications without making many changes to the exterior.

The vlogger starts by asking specifications of the parts installed in the scooter. The owner who is also featured in the video did this experiment on his 4 years old Activa scooter. The owner owns a workshop and told that, he is willing to do this conversion job for people if they come asking for it. It uses a 60V 24ah Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery. The battery is neat placed inside the under seat storage space. The battery itself is placed in a box to avoid loose contacts or damage. A cut off switch has also been installed next to it to avoid any short circuit.

India’s first petrol-electric hybrid Honda Activa: This is IT

The battery can be separated from the scooter and recharged at home. The owner mentions that it takes around 4 hours to recharge the batteries completely. The battery send its power to a hub motor mounted on the rear wheel. The work done on this scooter looks pretty neat. The hub motor is placed in a way that, the owner did not have to make any modifications to the existing silencer of the scooter. The controller unit and other electrical system for this setup is neatly placed inside the side panel.

As mentioned above, this works on both petrol and electricity. When using the petrol engine, one can normally turn the key and start the scooter and ride it. In order to switch to electric motor, the rider has to turn off the vehicle from petrol mode and turn another key which is placed right next to the petrol ignition key. Once that is turned On, a digital meter next to the original instrument cluster shows the amount of juice left in the batteries and other readings.

The vlogger then takes the scooter for a spin and the owner said that, on electric motor it can reach a top speed of 50 kmph with two passengers and has a drive range of 50 kms too. The vlogger is impressed after riding the scooter for some distance. The overall cost of this project was around Rs 60,000 and the owner told vlogger that, he owns a workshop and if anyone is interested then, they can get in touch with him. On an average, it takes around 15 days to convert a petrol scooter into a hybrid one and he mentions that doing the same setup in bikes is possible but, it is more complicated.