India’s first Royal Enfield GT with Air Suspension [Video]

Royal Enfields are one of the most customized motorcycles in our country. It is because of their unique platform that allows the owners to modify as they like it. Their motorcycles are usually used by people who go on long tours. It is also a good donor motorcycle for various custom projects. Here is one of the most attractive looking Royal Enfield motorcycle that has been modified and it comes with an air suspension.

The modification has been done by SnS Custom Wheels and the video has been uploaded by BikeWithGirl. In the video, we can see the motorcycle in all its glory. The modification shop has taken the frame and the engine of the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535. The GT 535 has now been discontinued and it has been replaced by the GT 650 which is a much better motorcycle in every aspect.

The rear subframe of the bike has been cut off so the motorcycle looks like a chopper. All the body panels are different from the original GT 535. The thought behind the modification was that the shop did not want to give any curves to the motorcycle and they wanted to keep the design as edgy as possible. This is the reason we see so many cuts and creases on the design of the motorcycle.

The overall design of the motorcycle might remind you of Ducati Diavel because of the minimal front and then heavy bodywork on the sides. At the front, there is a slim horizontal headlamp that uses a halogen setup.

The fuel tank has been hand-built in the shape of Trapezium. Then there is the single-seat with brake lights mounted on them. Interestingly, the brake lights are the after-market bumper lights that you would have seen on some Hyundai Creta.

The motorcycle has been named ‘Pentagon’ because of so many shapes that we can see on it. There is an inverted pentagon on the side panel that we can clearly see in the pictures. The motorcycle is using blacked-out alloy wheels in the front and at the rear. The tyres are also different, they are much wider than the stock tyres.

The rotors, front wheel and chain sprocket are of the same design. It uses a dual-disc set up in the front and a single disc at the rear for braking. Suspension duties are done by upside-down forks in the front. It is also using a single-sided swingarm which we have seen on some high-end motorcycles.

Then there is the air suspension which is the highlight of this modification. It uses an air suspension for the rear that has been sourced from Legend. The motorcycle can increase or decrease its ride height at a push of a button.

The engine of the motorcycle has been blacked out and we can see that it uses an after-market performance air filter and an after-market exhaust sourced from Mark Performance Racing. The stock engine used to be a 535 cc, four-stroke, air-cooled engine that produced 29.1 Bhp of max power and 44 Nm of peak torque. It was offered with a 5-speed gearbox. The video does not show the specs of the engine after modification.