India’s first RTO approved electric conversion kit for motorcycles [Video]

Electric vehicles are the future when it comes to personal mobility. Recently, we have seen a lot of new electric scooters getting unveiled. We also saw an electric conversion kit of Maruti Suzuki Dzire that was done by Northway Motorsport. Here, we have the first RTO approved electric conversion kit for motorcycles.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by GoGoA1. If you make any change to your vehicle then it must reflect on the registration certificate of the vehicle. The host says that this kit has been approved by the RTO and can be installed on a motorcycle. Another thing that he points out is that if a component was damaged then it would be quite expensive to replace it because electrical components are expensive. However, the host says because the kit is RTO approved, the expenditure of the damage would be paid by the insurance company.

The hub motor is fitted inside the rear wheel and has a capacity of 2kW. The battery and the controller are fitted in place of the engine. The MCB and some converters are hidden behind the side panels. Braking is done by drum brakes. The rear brake plate has been sourced from a Bajaj Pulsar. There are no changes to the switchgear instead of an addition of a kill switch.

India’s first RTO approved electric conversion kit for motorcycles [Video]

The host says that the kit has been approved by ARAI. There are two levels of approval. There is component approval which was done 2 years earlier and the second one is model approval. So, the kit here is approved only for the Hero Splendor. Any Splendor that is sold after 1997 can be fitted with this kit and it is RTO approved.

The efficiency of the motor is 92 percent. It produces a torque output of 63 Nm and it can peak out at 127 Nm. The carrying capacity is rated from 100 kgs to 300 kgs. The Splendor has hit a top speed of 70 kmph with a rider and a pillion. As per ARAI, the motorcycle was able to do 151 km of riding range.

The regular Splendor weighs 122 kgs. After the electric conversion, this motorcycle weighs 102 kgs. So, the weight has been decreased which is good for the driving range. This also helps in increasing the performance of the motorcycle. It comes with a regenerative controller so whenever the rider brakes, the energy that would have been wasted is fed back to the battery. When you let off the throttle then also the battery starts recharging and even when you are going downhill then also the battery is recharged.

The battery, motor and controller comes with a 3-year warranty. After the RTO approval, the motorcycle’s registration number would stay the same but a new number plate will be issued which will be green in colour because the vehicle is now electric. The website cost of the kit is Rs. 35,000 but usually, it sells for Rs. 50,000. The cost of the battery is Rs. 50,000 and the charger costs Rs. 5,606.