This is India’s first Skoda Octavia vRS with an all-wheel drive set-up [Video]

For all those who like performance cars, there are limited options available in India. For a brief period we have Volkwagen GTI hot hatchback, We also got Fiat Punto Abarth and even the Tata Tiago and Tigor JTP in the affordable segment. None of these cars did pretty well in terms of sale mainly because of the steep pricing in comparison to regular versions. One manufacturer who somehow managed to get the formula right is Skoda with their Octavia vRS. This performance sedan is so popular among enthusiasts that the stock gets sold off as soon as it is launched. We have seen several examples of modified Skoda vRS in India and here we have a video where India’s first Skoda Octavia to get an AWD system is featured.

The video has been uploaded by The Drivers Hub on their YouTube channel. As we all know, we rarely have a rear wheel drive sedan in Indian market. Most of the rear wheel drive cars are quite expensive. The Skoda Octavia vRS is no different. It comes with a front wheel drive set up from the factory. The one seen here in the video is actually a Octavia vRS 230. Looking at the car, no one can day that this is any different from a regular Octavia vRS.

It gets performance disc brakes and calipers and other than that, there are no visual changes. All the magic is under the hood. This is a proper sleeper car that gets Stage 2 remap and has Pipercross full system air intake. The engine mounts on this Octavia vRS is much more stiffer than the stock version. The major addition to this Octavia is the AWD system. it now gets Haldex 5 AWD system. Internationally, Skoda offers, Octavia vRS with both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel version is offered with an AWD system while the petrol doesn’t.

This is India’s first Skoda Octavia vRS with an all-wheel drive set-up [Video]

In India, we only have the petrol vRS and hence only the front wheel drive. The modification on this Octavia has been done by Surat-based Nik Trans Motorsports. Getting an AWD for the Octavia vRS was not an easy task. As there are several SUVs from the Volkswagen family available in the Indian market with AWD system. Integrating it with the Octavia was challenging. After doing a lot of research, he finally managed to fit in an AWD system from an Audi Q3. The whole AWD system along with the new differentials has been fitted to the car along with new gearbox coding as the stock setup is not compatible for AWD.

There is a button inside the cabin to spray water to intercooler to cool it down. The vlogger is seen driving the car in the video and he immediately falls in love with it. The car gets is pushed to the front rather than being dragged by the front wheels and it now offers immense amount of grip and can be pushed in the corners with traction control turned off. The owner of this car said he now has plans to do increase the power as the car now feels a lot more stable and demands more power due to the AWD system. The work done on this car looks extremely neat and there is no clatter from the engine or gearbox. It does not looks like an aftermarket set up at all.