India’s first Skoda Slavia sedan taxi spotted in Bengaluru [Video]

Skoda Slavia Taxi featured

India’s automotive landscape has witnessed a fascinating sight that has intrigued both car enthusiasts and taxi-goers alike. We say this because recently, a Skoda Slavia mid-size sedan, which has gained popularity as an enthusiast sedan in the country, was spotted wearing a yellow number plate, indicating its role as a taxi vehicle. This intriguing development has sparked curiosity among automotive enthusiasts across the country, as the video of this Skoda Slavia was recently shared online.

The video of what we believe to be the country’s first Skoda Slavia mid-size sedan being used as a taxi has been shared on YouTube by Raftaar 7811 on their channel. The YouTuber shows a white Skoda Slavia and mentions that the special thing about this particular car is that it is wearing yellow taxi number plates. The YouTuber also mentions that the Skoda Slavia taxi in question originates from Haryana, indicating that it has traveled quite a distance to make its way to Bengaluru, Karnataka. Additionally, the presenter adds that what sets this Skoda Slavia taxi apart is the fact that it is the top-spec variant. The presence of a sunroof confirms his judgment.

India’s first Skoda Slavia sedan taxi spotted in Bengaluru [Video]

Skoda, renowned for its elegant and sophisticated vehicles, has earned a loyal following in India. The Skoda Slavia, known for its blend of style, comfort, and performance, has captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts. However, seeing this luxurious sedan being utilized as a taxi is indeed a surprising sight. While the Skoda Slavia is primarily regarded as a stylish and high-performance sedan, its adaptation into a taxi showcases its potential as a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation for passengers. With its spacious interior, advanced safety features, and exceptional ride quality, the Slavia seems like a good car for those availing themselves of this taxi’s services.

India’s first Skoda Slavia sedan taxi spotted in Bengaluru [Video]

In the realm of extraordinary transportation experiences, India never ceases to amaze. Before this Skoda Slavia taxi, we featured a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a multi-crore luxury sedan, which was also used as a taxi. For those unaware, the Rolls-Royce Phantom taxi is owned by Bobby Chemannur, a renowned billionaire and businessman, who has introduced an unparalleled tourist package that offers customers free rides in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VII LWB.

Back in 2020, a video surfaced featuring the distinctively golden-wrapped Rolls-Royce Phantom taxi. This eye-catching vehicle, owned by Bobby Chemannur, stood out from the crowd with its shimmering exterior. The video also revealed an interesting twist—the billionaire Bobby Chemannur assumed the role of the taxi driver for this exceptional Rolls-Royce Phantom taxi. This unexpected sight showcased Bobby’s passion for providing an unparalleled experience to his customers.

Bobby Chemannur did this gig as a marketing stunt and offered a tourist package that provided the opportunity to enjoy a ride in the Rolls-Royce Phantom VII for free. By purchasing a holiday package from Oxigen Resorts, customers not only received a 2-3 night stay but also a generous 300 km of complimentary Rolls-Royce transportation.