India’s first Stage 2 Modified Volkswagen Virtus 1.0 TSI makes 145 Bhp-250 Nm [Video]

The Volkswagen Virtus, particularly its 1.0 TSI engine variant, has gained immense popularity in India. This mid-sized sedan combines style, performance, and features to attract Indian car buyers. Powered by a turbocharged 1.0-liter petrol engine delivering around 110 horsepower, the Virtus offers a powerful yet fuel-efficient driving experience. Paired with a smooth-shifting automatic transmission, it provides a delightful ride. However, for some hardcore enthusiasts, these power figures are not enough. For this reason, they have started tuning this engine to produce significantly higher power figures. Recently, a video of one such stage 2-tuned Virtus equipped with some delightful high-performance mods has been shared on YouTube.

The video of what they claim to be the country’s first stage 2-tuned Volkswagen Virtus 1.0 TSI has been shared on YouTube by The Drivers Hub on their channel. The presenter starts off the video with the introduction of the sedan and reveals that this vehicle has been built by Venom Performance and Check Engines Hyderabad. The video then shows some beautiful shots of this highly modified Virtus from all angles.

Moving on, the presenter, without skipping a beat, directly opens up the front bonnet and starts listing off all the modification and performance parts added to this beautiful sedan. He starts off by stating that this car has been equipped with a BMC high-performance air filter which costs Rs 10,000, a downpipe with 2.5-inch piping and a Borla end can exhaust which costs Rs 40,000, and a stage 2 tune from Venom Performance which costs Rs 28,000. The presenter then states that currently, there are no transmission control unit tunes available in the market for the 6-speed torque converter, so this one also does not have one.

India’s first Stage 2 Modified Volkswagen Virtus 1.0 TSI makes 145 Bhp-250 Nm [Video]

He then mentions that with these performance mods, the car is currently able to produce a total of 145 bhp and 250 Nm of torque, which is equivalent to the Virtus GT with the 1.5 EVO engine. When compared to the stock 110 bhp of power and 170 Nm of torque from the stock 1.0 TSI, this is a significant boost in performance. The presenter then starts pointing out other mods that have been done to this sedan.

He mentions that this car gets the popular Lenso Jager-Dyna alloy wheels and Michelin Primacy tires, both worth Rs 75,000 each. He adds that the car also gets Cobra lowering springs for Rs 28,000, which help in reducing the ground clearance of the sedan and give it a much more aggressive lowered stance. The video mentions that the total build cost for this Virtus was around Rs 2,56,000.

India’s first Stage 2 Modified Volkswagen Virtus 1.0 TSI makes 145 Bhp-250 Nm [Video]

Following this, the presenter then moves on to the interior of the car and mentions that from the inside, it is stock and looks good as it is. After which, he starts the car and revs it to demonstrate the volume and tone of its aftermarket exhaust. The presenter then starts with the driving impressions of the car and mentions that right off the bat, he can tell that it’s much louder because of the new exhaust setup. He then states that the tune is very good and offers a very linear power throughout the rev range. Finally, he adds that the lowering springs and new wheels and tires have enhanced its cornering ability and have made the ride a little stiffer, which is a good thing.

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