India’s first Tata Nexon in Nardo Grey is a head turner (Video)

For Indian car buyers, grey has always been one of the most popular choices for exterior paint shades. However, in recent times, a particular shade of grey known as Nardo Grey, popularized by European luxury and sports cars, has gained immense love from car enthusiasts. While this shade is not commonly available in mass-market cars, many car owners have taken the initiative to either give their cars a fresh coat of paint or opt for car wraps.

One notable example is a Tata Nexon showcased in a YouTube video by “Charlie Vlogs”. The video features a top-spec Tata Nexon Jet Edition, a limited-run model, which has been wrapped in an appealing Nardo Grey shade. Along with the wrap job, the Tata Nexon has received several cosmetic modifications, giving it a completely different appearance.

In the video, you can see that the Tata Nexon has been wrapped in Nardo Grey on its bonnet, front and rear bumpers, front and rear fenders, door panels, and boot lid. The window beltline and the panel between the rear windscreen and boot lid, as well as the front grille, have been treated with a glossy black finish. Additionally, the fog lamp housings, rear reflectors on the bumpers, pillars, and roof panels have also been given a glossy black treatment.

More modifications

India’s first Tata Nexon in Nardo Grey is a head turner (Video)

Other modifications made to this customized Tata Nexon Nardo Grey edition include body graphics on the bonnet and a gloss black roof spoiler over the rear windscreen, adding a sporty touch to the overall look of the Nexon. The tires feature contrasting white decals, while the alloy wheels have been blacked out. The owner of the Tata Nexon has made no changes to the interior, which retains the same dual-tone black and beige layout introduced in the Jet edition.

There has been a noticeable increase in aftermarket customization of vehicles lately, and wrapping or painting cars with the Nardo Grey shade has become quite common. It’s important to note that painting a car with a different shade from its original color is only legal if the necessary changes are made to its registration certificate. On the other hand, car wrapping involves covering the car with a colored film that can be easily removed without affecting the original paint of the car.

Is wrapping illegal in India?

It falls into a gray area. The Indian authorities have prohibited changing the color of a vehicle without endorsement on the registration certificate. However, car wraps do not permanently alter the vehicle’s color, which is why they fall into this gray area.

In recent times, the Indian authorities have taken vehicle modifications quite seriously. While there is no specific law addressing car wraps, there is a section that pertains to changing the original color of a vehicle, which is considered illegal in India. However, in most states and union territories, law enforcement officials do not typically stop vehicles with different colored wraps. If you have any personal experiences, we would appreciate hearing about them.

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