India’s first Toyota Fortuner converted into the ‘Dark Edition’ GR-Sport variant

Toyota Fortuner as we all know is the most popular and best selling 7-seater SUV in its segment. Toyota has increased the price for Fortuner over the years and they also introduced new versions like Legender and GR-Sport in the market. The GR-S variant is the most expensive variant and it would cost you over Rs 50 lakh, ex-showroom. There are cosmetic changes to the car and other than that, everyhting else is the same as regular Fortuner. Here we have a video where the owner of a regular Toyota Fortuner got it modified into Dark Edition GR-S variant SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Explore The Unseen 2.0 on their YouTube channel. The vlogger owns the 2021 model Toyota Fortuner facelift and his vehicle was recently involved in a major accident in one of his road trips. He took the car to authorised service center and got everything fixed. During the repair, he made some changes t the vehicle to make it look different from what it was earlier. He got the original headlamps replaced with Legender style units. After he got his car back from the service center, he took the vehicle to a detailing studio to get rest of the work done.

The stock colour on his SUV was black. The regular Fortuner silver inserts on the grille, bumper and also skid plates which differentiate it from the Legender and GR-S. Similarly, there were chrome garnishes and parts on many other panels of the car. The workshop started by taking down the bumper and the grille on the SUV. In order to achieve the Dark Edition look, the grille and the skid plate was completely painted black. Once this was done, the Toyota logo on the grille was also finished in black. Just like at the front, the rear skid plate on this SUV was also painted black.

India’s first Toyota Fortuner converted into the ‘Dark Edition’ GR-Sport variant

Coming to the side profile, the Fortuner came with grey coloured alloy wheels. This was not going well with the overall look of the car. In order to fix it, they painted the wheels black and the calipers were painted Red for sporty look. The chrome garnishes on the window were all blacked out. Similarly at the rear, the chrome applique on the tailgate was blacked out for a sportier appeal. The door handles were all finished in carbon fiber finish and the cladding around the wheels arches and the lower part of the door were all given a gloss black finish with Red highlights.

The whole car got PPF and it was giving the whole car an extra gloss finish. PPFs are important of vehicles as they protect the original paint of the car from minor scratches, swirl marks and also retains the gloss of the paint. The interior of this SUV also gets some customsations. The center console, steering wheels and the door pads gets carbon fiber finish. All these places also get PPF on it for added protection. The finished product looks brilliant and it looks like a GR-S version of the Fortuner.