India’s first Toyota Fortuner luxury SUV with ‘Urus’ body kit is here [Video]

toyota fortuner with urus body kit

The love Indians possess for the Toyota Fortuner is unparalleled. Every passing day, we come across a lot of people doing crazy stuff with this immensely popular SUV. In the most recent video, we have found a Toyota Fortuner that has been converted to look like the multicore Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini’s super SUV Urus. This particular Fortuner in the video has been fitted with an imported kit that transforms the look of the Fortuner, making it look like a Lamborghini Urus from the front and from the rear as well.

The video of the conversion of this Toyota Fortuner to Urus has been shared on YouTube by Her Garage on their channel. The video begins with the presenter introducing the car and the shop owner behind this crazy creation. The shop is the same one that, a few weeks ago, completed the restoration of Late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s Mahindra Thar. The presenter, after introducing the owner of the shop, asks him about what exactly this kit is, how it came about, and if they manufacture it.

To this, the owner of the shop answers that the kit has been imported after numerous requests from Fortuner owners for something unique. He adds that nowadays, everybody is doing the Fortuner to Legender conversion; however, this kit was imported for people who want something extremely unique. Following this, he shows a Lexus kit and a GR kit, stating that these kits are easily recognizable as Toyota’s, but the Urus kit is for people wanting something different.

The presenter then asks the shop owner about which variant of the Fortuner this particular one with the Urus kit is. The owner mentions that it is a 2021 Fortuner Sigma 4X4 variant. She then asks what the owner of this Fortuner wanted and how he got this kit. To this, the shop owner replies that this particular owner was looking for a conversion to a Legender variant, but he then requested that with a little extra expenditure, he can have something unique, so it would be great, and following this, he got this imported kit.

India’s first Toyota Fortuner luxury SUV with ‘Urus’ body kit is here [Video]

Moving on, the presenter asks the owner about the changes done to this car, and he replies that for this conversion, they have changed the front bumper of the car, the rear bumper, front headlights, and rear tail lights. He adds that the front bumper comes with detachable front splitter and gloss black elements. He further states that they have also swapped the original headlights with Taiwan-made Legender LED headlights, which have a one-year warranty.

Following this, the presenter also asks the owner of the shop if this car is complete or needs more work. The owner replies that the owner of the car is still thinking about finalizing the color of the car. He adds that the owner is confused between painting the bumper in the body color and getting it wrapped in yellow color. He states that once he decides, they will complete the entire car, and a few other finishing touches will be added.

After this, the presenter asks about the cost of the entire job of conversion with the Urus kit, and the owner replies that this is currently the most expensive aftermarket kit that they offer. The cost of the Urus kit is Rs. 1,75,000, including the headlights, tail lights, and front and rear bumpers, along with paint. He adds that for those who do not want to spend this much, they can opt for the Lexus kit, which will cost under Rs. 1,00,000, and the GR Kit, which will also cost the same. He adds that the benefit of the GR kit is that it can be claimed in insurance if there is a case of accidental Fortuner repair.

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