Meet India’s first Toyota Fortuner with a built-in toilet [Video]

Travelling on Indian roads over long distances can be a scary affair for many. One of the primary reasons is the unavailability of restrooms on the highways. The owner of this Toyota Fortuner has solved that problem by installing a toilet in the car itself.

The video by Revokid Vlogs shows a one of its kind Fortuner. While it looks exactly the same as the other standard Fortuners on the roads, there are massive changes inside the cabin.

The third row of this SUV is now a moving restroom. It is a wet toilet, which means it gets running water as well. There is a special tank in the rear designed for carrying the water. The video claims that the water does not spill in any situation. Even when the vehicle is travelling at a fast speed.

There are not many details available on the installation of the toilet. However, it is quite compact and takes up the space of one seat in the third row. The video does not share any information on the waste disposal system.

Caravans use such toilets

Meet India’s first Toyota Fortuner with a built-in toilet [Video]

Big caravans and even vanity vans use such toilets. While this can be quite useful while camping and long-distance journeys through remote regions, many won’t find the usability of such modifications in daily life.

These toilets can be expensive as well. Such modifications can cost about Rs 70,000 to a lakh depending on the structure and type of system used. Ojes Automobiles did a similar job on Mahindra Bolero sometime ago and charged Rs 65,000 for the same.

Idea became popular during the pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing became an important activity. The idea of installing toilets inside the vehicle came from there. In fact, several taxi drivers chose this set-up for long-distance customers.

These are the vacuum type toilets that we get to see on the aeroplanes. The primary use of these toilets is on vanity vans and caravans.

The Mahindra Bolero we were talking about above gets two separate water tanks as well. The western-styled seat has been imported and is fitted side-facing in the vehicle. It is not only the toilet seat, the mini-washroom also gets faucets, soap dispensers and sanitisers to ensure good hygiene.

There is a tank that supplies freshwater and another tank collects wastewater, which can be reused. The tanks are made up of GRP coated aluminium, which will last for years without any kind of leak. Powering all the system is an elaborate 12V electric system that powers an electric pump too.