India’s first Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Lamborghini Urus kit looks badass [Video]

Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most popular MPVs in India and there are a variety of modification options available for this popular MPV. We have featured many of them in the past. Here we have a 2017 model Toyota Innova Crysta which has been extensively modified with a custom made Lamborghini Urus style body kit. This is India’s first Innova Crysta to get such a modifications. The modification work on this Toyota Innova Crysta has been done by Icon60 Autocustoms from Kerala.

The video has been uploaded by GOKZ MOTOGRAPHY on their YouTube channel. The video talks about all the modifications that are done to the Innova Crysta. Normally we have seen Innova and Innova Crystas with Lexus body kit but, this is probably the first time, we have a Lamborghini Urus style body kit installed Innova Crysta in India. The front grille on this MPV has been replaced with a custom made unit. The grille has honey comb design and is finished in gloss black. All chrome elements from the car have been removed for a sporty look.

The stock bumper on this MPV has been replaced as well. It gets a Lamborghini Urus inspired custom bumper with lower air dam with honey comb inserts. The bumper also gets a projector fog lamps with dotted LED DRLs. The lower part of the bumper also gets a lip which is finished in black. The headlamp on this Innova Crysta has been customised too. It now gets matrix style turn indicators, custom LED DRLS and a LED projector headlamps. The cluster itself has been completely blacked out for a sporty look.

India’s first Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Lamborghini Urus kit looks badass [Video]

Coming to the side profile, the car gets 18 inch aftermarket alloy wheels. The blacked out alloy wheels go well with the overall theme of the car. There is a side skirt installed on this Innova Crysta along with a side skirt lip below it. The door handles are blacked out and the ORVMs get a carbon fibre finish. As we move to the rear, the stock tail lamps have been replaced with aftermarket LED units. There is a LED strip on the tail gate that connects the tail lamps. A custom made roof mounted spoiler, rear bumper with quad exhaust tips and diffuser can also be seen here. The Innova Crysta gets a twin exhaust tips from Akropovic and that helps with the overall look of the Innova Crysta.

Along with the exteriors, interior on this Innova Crysta has also been customised. The door pads and seats gets Red Wine coloured upholstery. The seat covers are custom made unit and they fit perfectly. The dashboard gets forged carbon inserts which helps with the overall look of the cabin. Another noticeable thing about this Innova Crysta is the paint job. The car gets Nardo Grey paint job and the roof has been blacked out as well. Some performance mods have been done to the car as well. The engine gets stage 1 remap and this has improved the performance on this MPV has been improved to a great extent. The overall cost this modification is around Rs 5-6 lakh. If you are interested in getting your Innova Crysta or any other car modified, you can get in touch with Icon60 Autocustoms.