Meet India’s first ‘Truck House Hotel’

The ongoing pandemic has compelled many people to change many things in their life. When it comes to travelling, people were looking for alternate options like caravans, motor homes and many even converted their cars rear seat into a bedroom. Motor home culture never actually caught up in India due to various reasons. However, here we have a video, where hotel room has been built on the bed of a vintage truck, This new concept is known as Truck house hotel.

The video has been uploaded by Nisarg Resort, Kolhapur on their YouTube channel. The truck hotel is actually created  by the resort only. This is a mobile home or resort concept which is built on the bed of a vintage truck. This is actually different from other motor homes that we have seen in the past. Nisarg Resort has not gone for the conventional one room, bathroom kitche set up. Instead they have constructed a two storey wooden cottage on the bed.

The entrance to the cottage is from the rear. The cottage is built on a 1970 Tata vintage truck. As you enter the cottage, there is a sink on the left hand side and a wooden staircase in seen on the right. The bedroom is placed upstairs and there is a balcony to the room as well.

The whole idea looks pretty neat and well executed. It does not say or show whether it is a mobile home which is fully rested on to the bed or is installed partly on the truck and partly on ground. In the video, truck on which the cottage is built is stationery.

Meet India’s first ‘Truck House Hotel’

Such tiny house concepts of motor home concepts are actually very popular in western world. There are several countries where people opt for such tiny houses which can be towed using a pickup truck. This way they won’t miss the comfort of their own place and can travel as well. The one seen here in the video is actually a decent sized cottage and due to its dimensions, driving this truck on the road is going to be a risk, especially in India.

It is the first truck house hotel in India and the cottage built on the truck is also decently equipped. The video does not share many details of this truck house hotel. There are several garages in India that now specialise is making such motor homes. Depending upon the car or the truck that the customer has, these garages come with individual design.

Recently we had seen a Bolero camper pick up truck getting transformed into a caravan. That conversion was done by Motorhome Adventures. They customise the design of the motorhome depending upon the vehicle. The cabin or the motorhome is placed on the bed and it can be easily lifted or separated from the body using couple of jacks. Even before all this, Force Travellers were being converted into caravan. Even DC had designed several caravans and vanity vans for many celebrities in the past.

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