India’s first tuned Skoda Kushaq 1.0 is here – Produces 145 Bhp [Video]

The car modification scene in India has slowly but surely picked up the pace and it seems like every day now something new is being done. Most recently the video of India’s first ever Skoda Kushaq tuned has surfaced online and the owner of the car shows how he got his car tuned. The owner reveals that the car now makes a significant amount of more power and torque.

The video of the tuned Skoda Kushaq has been shared by Arav Sethi on their YouTube channel. The presenter starts the video in his garage where he tells that he will be getting Skoda Kushaq tuned. For this tune, he will be heading towards Autopsyche Delhi’s workshop where he will be getting the stage 1 tune from Code6. Both of these automotive modification workshops have been in the performance tuning scene for many years and have tuned and modified a ton of cars in the country.

He tells that he is getting his car tuned now because he has done each and every experiment with the stock car. The presenter tells that he has done a ton of drag races, average tests, speed tests, top-speed tests, 0-100 tests, and a ton of other stuff. He adds that after the tune he will be again doing all of these tests to measure the cars and tunes performance.

Following the introduction the owner of the car drives it to the Autopsyche’s workshop. He then shows the car and tells that the work has already begun on the car for tune. The presenter then brings his friend on his vlog who tells that the car will now be getting the Stage 1 tune from Code6 which is a tuning, custom software, and performance shop. His friend adds that this tune will push the stock Kushaq 1.0 liter petrol motors power figures to 145 bhp and 240 Nm of torque. The Stock 1.0 litre Kushaq produces a total of 115 ps and 178 Nm of torque.

India’s first tuned Skoda Kushaq 1.0 is here – Produces 145 Bhp [Video]

After a while the presenter then tells that the tune has been installed and he then hops inside the vehicle along with the expert and they take the car for the first real world testing. He then describes that the car feels much more powerful. He adds that he can immediately feel the response and tells that the difference is quite evident.

The Skoda Kushaq is the Czech carmakers mid-size SUV based on the MQB A0 IN of the Skoda Volkswagen India. This platform is shared by the Skoda Slavia, Volkswagen Virtus and Taigun as well. Back in October of last year the company in celebration of one year anniversary of the Kushaq’s launch in the country launched the first-ever limited-run Anniversary Edition version of the Kushaq midsize SUV.

The Anniversary Edition boasted some minor aesthetic upgrades and received a 10-inch infotainment system of the interior. As for the powertrain options the Anniversary Edition was available with both a 1.0-litre three-cylinder TSI engine and the 1.5-litre four-cylinder TSI engine. The 1.0-litre TSI is available with both a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic and produces 115 PS of power and 178 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the 1.5-litre TSI, available with both a 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic (DSG), produces 150 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque.

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