India’s first Volkswagen Virtus in Nardo Grey: This is IT! [Video]

With the growing popularity of YouTube and an increasing number of automotive enthusiasts in the country, more and more people on the video-sharing platform are now creating a ton of interesting car modification videos. Recently one of the most popular new sedans in the country Volkswagen Virtus of a YouTuber received a full makeover with a custom wrap job featuring the infamous Audi color Nardo Grey.

The YouTuber recently shared a video on his channel Pratham Shokeen unveiling his newly wrapped Volkswagen Virtus. The presenter started the video after coming to the wrap shop where explains that a few days he unwrapped his car which was previously wrapped in satin black. He then tells that this time around they have wrapped the car in a lighter shade of the famous Audi color which is the Nardo Grey. The presenter emphasizes that there are numerous variations of the Nardo Grey and he went with a lighter shade on his car.

After the introduction, the presenter and the owner of the shop Auto Crew Customs – a detailing shop and wrapping shop in Delhi where this job was done, pull back the sheet from the Virtus and reveal the whole car. The videographer then takes a full walkaround the vehicle and the presenter then starts explaining the details about the wrap job. The YouTuber then tells that he opted for the lighter Nardo grey in a gloss finish and tells that it also comes in a satin finish as well. He added that they have wrapped the roof gloss black and have blacked out all the trims of the car.

India’s first Volkswagen Virtus in Nardo Grey: This is IT! [Video]

He then goes to rear of the car and tells that when the vehicle was previously wrapped satin black he took off the rear Virtus badge but this time around he opted to rebadge the car and black out the Virtus lettering. He added the all of the emblems that were chrome before have also been blacked out to give a more stealthy and sinister look. The door handles have also been wrapped in gloss black along with GT emblems on the front fenders. He then comes back to the front of the car and points out the blacked out GT logo on the grille and tells that he on the fence about the look of along with the black front Volkswagen insignia. The presenter said that he is thinking about making the GT logo red and VW lettering gloss.

The Volkswagen Virtus GT is the brands newest sedan that has replaced the old Vento. It comes equipped with features including disc brakes, cruise control, leatherette upholstery, electric sunroof, and ventilated seats. The 1.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine for the Virtus is available with both a 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. This model produces a max torque of 178 Nm and 115 Ps. The 1.5 GT variant comes next. It is exclusively offered with a 7-speed DSG. It produces a peak torque of 250 Nm and 150 Ps.



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