India’s first woman rider to experience Honda CB350 H’Ness shares her impressions [Video]

Japanese two wheeler manufacturer Honda recently launched their all-new motorcycle – the CB350 H’Ness in the Indian market. They have already started delivering the motorcycles and is sold via Honda’s Big Wing dealerships. We have seen several videos of vloggers taking delivery and sharing the experience of how the bike performs in different conditions on the internet. Honda CB350 H’Ness is a retro motorcycle that is directly competing against Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Jawa Classic/Forty-Two in the segment. Here we have a video that shows India’s first woman rider to experience the Honda CB350 H’Ness. The woman rider also shares her impression about the bike on video.

The video has been uploaded by Pradeep on Wheels on their Youtube channel. It is probably the first video on internet showing a woman rider riding the Honda CB350 H’Ness. Sonali who has been riding motorcycles for 6 years is the rider seen on video. According to the video, she rides a Yamaha R3 and was very impressed with the Honda CB350 H’Ness.

First thing that she had mentioned was the level of refinement. The engine, gear changes all felt pretty smooth and she even says that she has been a fan of Honda engines as they are quite reliable. The ride felt quite comfortable and so was the seat. They even had a Royal Enfield Classic 350 parked right next to the H’Ness and she says that the Highness is an advanced motorcycles in comparison to Royal Enfield and she would go for Honda Highness if he wanted to go out for a long ride.

India’s first woman rider to experience Honda CB350 H’Ness shares her impressions [Video]

The power delivery on the Honda H’ness felt quite linear and there was ample power in reserve whenever the rider needed it for overtakes. The brakes also had that bite and were quite effective. She even says that Honda H’Ness offers comfort of cruiser with agility of a sportsbike. She was able to sit properly and put both her legs on ground on the Highness whereas the same was possible in a Classic 350.

It is currently the only motorcycle in the segment to get LED headlamps, LED turn indicators, digital instrument cluster that supports Bluetooth connectivity. She is quite impressed with the way Honda H’Ness looks, feels and rides. By no means, does the rider say that Royal Enfield is a bad motorcycle. It is just that the Honda H’Ness 350 is better than the Royal Enfield Classic in her opinion.

The Honda H’Ness CB350 now has a new competitor in town: the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. The Meteor 350 is similarly priced – a few thousand rupees cheaper, and is more accessible than the CB350 as it’s available across the length and breadth of India, in all Royal Enfield showrooms. The Meteor is a cruiser, with relaxed riding ergonomics. It gets similar equipment levels, and offers the traditional Royal Enfield thump as well. Watch this space for our review of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.