India’s first wrapped 2020 Mahindra Thar looks rad

Indian people love SUVs that is why their sales are so strong. There is no doubt that the Mahindra Thar is one of the most successful SUVs of the Indian market. People were waiting eagerly for its launch and so many people have booked the Thar that the Mahindra started facing production issues because they were not expecting so many bookings. Even now the booking period for a 2020 Thar can exceed 10 months, depending on the variant and the colour you choose for. Speaking of colour here is India’s first 2020 Thar that has been wrapped. The video has been uploaded by Sahib and Teena Vlogs on their YouTube channel. The wrap has been done by Wrapaholix.

The 2020 Thar is wrapped in Matte Tone Purple which is very unique. The owner of Wrapaholix also says that there are other colours also available such as Red but Thar already comes in Red and the Thar that we see here was originally Black and Green colour was rejected by the owner of the Thar. So, the owner wanted to do something unique which really stands out of the crowd and from other Thars. The owner also says that there was excessive Mahindra badging, so they removed the “THAR” badging which comes on the outside rearview mirrors and then wrapped it in the carbon fibre dip. The Thar in the video also gets a different front grille and headlamps which are from after-market.

Speaking of the Mahindra Thar, the manufacturer recently recalled 1,577 units of the diesel version of the Thar because of some camshaft issues. The units that have been built from September 7 to December 25, has been recalled by the manufacturer. Mahindra is calling the owners themselves and the authorized service centres will be inspecting the vehicle. If there are any problems, the manufacturer will rectify it free of cost and the procedure should take two days. You can read more about the issue by clicking here. Mahindra Thar is offered with a 2.0-litre direct-injection, turbo-charged mStallion petrol engine and a 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine. The petrol engine produces 152 hp of max power and a peak torque output of 300 Nm if you get the 6-speed manual gearbox and 320 Nm if you get the 6-speed automatic torque converter automatic gearbox. The 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine produces 132 hp of max power and a peak torque output of 300 Nm. Both the engines are offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. Mahindra offers 4×4 system with a low range gearbox as standard on all variants.

India’s first wrapped 2020 Mahindra Thar looks rad

Mahindra is also working on a hard-top convertible model of the Thar that has been spied a couple of times. They are also working on releasing a more powerful version of Thar. It will come with 180 mStallion Pro petrol engine. The engine will produce 180 PS and will increase the top speed of the SUV from 150 kmph to 180 kmph. However, there is no official information available yet.

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