India’s fuel efficiency champions of 2014 – Petrol Hatchbacks

Snapshot – Fuel efficiency plays a very important role in car purchase decisions, especially in the entry-level hatchback segment, where budgets are tight and running costs are top priority. While Maruti Suzuki corners a little over 50 % of the car market in India, its domination in the fuel efficiency champion list is a similar affair, at 50 %. Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest car maker and one known for its fuel efficient cars, has not one, not two, but three hatchbacks in India’s fuel efficiency champion list. CarToq takes a look at the six most fuel efficient petrol hatchbacks sold in India. If you want the maximum bang for every fuel buck, this list is definitely for you. All fuel efficiency figures in this list are ARAI certified.

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Maruti Suzuki WagonR – 20.5 Kmpl

An epitome of practicality, the Maruti Suzuki WagonR’s tall boy design makes it a favourite among the young and old alike. The car is conservatively styled but it is this very bread box like squarish dimensions that make it reasonably spacious and airy. The car’s stellar fuel efficiency of 20.5 Kmpl is the proverbial cherry on the cake. Maruti Suzuki consistently ships out over 12,000 units of the WagonR each month, year after year. The WagonR uses a 1 liter-3 cylinder petrol engine for propulsion. The motor is acclaimed for its reliability and pep. Maruti also offers CNG and LPG dual fuel options on the car. Prices start at 3.49 lakh rupees.

Datsun Go – 20.63 Kmpl

The latest upstart in the budget hatchback space, the Datsun Go manages a very creditable fuel efficiency figure of 20.63 Kmpl. Why do we say creditable? Creditable because the Datsun Go is the car with the largest and most powerful engine among budget hatchbacks. The petrol motor of the Go displaces 1.2 liters in a three cylinder layout and comes with 67 Bhp-104 Nm outputs. The car is significantly more spacious than its competitors and with a unique feature list, makes for an interesting option for budget car buyers. The Datsun Go starts at 3.12 lakh rupees.

Hyundai Eon – 21.1 Kmpl

Hyundai’s budget warrior, the Eon hatchback, is powered by a three cylinder petrol engine that displaces 814 cc. The motor is a frugal operator, consuming a liter of the golden stuff for every 21.1 Kmpl. The Eon is a hot seller for Hyundai with the car’s contemporary design and well appointed interiors being major draws among buyers. The car is best suited for city commuting. Priced a little above the Maruti Alto 800, the Eon does offer a wide range of features, hitherto absent among cars in its segment. The car starts at 2.83 lakh rupees and is also available in LPG dual fuel guise.

Maruti Alto 800 – 22.7 Kmpl

India’s best selling car is also a fuel efficiency champion among petrol hatchbacks. The car is powered by a redesigned 796 cc, F8D petrol engine that has been tuned for maximum fuel efficiency. The resultant is an impressive 22.7 Kmpl. The Alto 800 is one of the lowest priced cars that money can buy in India, with prices starting from 2.38 lakh rupees. The Alto 800 is sold in petrol and CNG options. The car is known for its supreme reliability, easy reparability and low maintenance costs.

Maruti Celerio 23.1 Kmpl

A unique hatchback, the Maruti Suzuki Celerio is a demonstration that the semi-automatic gearbox can be as efficient as a stick shifter, for the fuel efficiency figures on the manual and AMT variants of the Celerio are an identical 23.01 Kmpl. Needless to say, this facet of the car has impressed buyers no end with the Celerio bagging over 32,000 bookings in 45 days of its launch in India. And, over 16,000 bookings are for the AMT equipped variants. The car features a 1 liter petrol engine that outputs 67 Bhp and 90 Nm. The Celerio AMT is a sign of things to come in the Indian can industry. Prices of the manual Celerio start at 3.76 lakh rupees, while the AMT variant starts at 4.14 lakh rupees.

Tata Nano – 25.4 Kmpl

Despite winning the fuel efficiency battle hands down, the Tata Nano is a dud seller. While the Nano’s failure at the hustings has more to do with positioning that the car’s actual performance, don’t let the Nano’s sales distract you from the 25.4 Kmpl mileage that the car is capable of delivering. The Nano is powered by the smallest petrol engine found on a car in India. The diminutive, rear mounted motor displaces 623 cc and outputs 37 Bhp-51 Nm. A four speed manual gearbox drives the rear wheels. The Nano starts at 1.41 lakh rupees. With the recently added power steering, the Nano is an excellent city run about.