The Hummer is everything that defines a sports utility vehicle. It’s butch, in-your-face and of course has go-anywhere ability. More than anything else, the sheer size of the Hummer is what differentiates itself from lesser SUVs. And it’s this size that’s made the Hummer famous.

Hummer H1
Hummer H1



The Hummer began its life in the US Army, when AM General was commissioned to build an armoured troop carrier with 4X4 capabilities. Civilians loved the idea too, and the Hummer H1, based on the US Army version, was born in 1992.

Hummer H2
Hummer H2


6 years later, GM acquired the license to the Hummer brand and build two more generations of the SUV, the Hummer H2 and H3, but on GM platforms. In 2008, GM decided that the Hummer brand was no longer profitable, and put the brand and the factories on sale.

Hummer H3
Hummer H3

While Hummers no longer are made in the United States, the SUV continues to enjoy a cult following among enthusiasts around the globe. A bunch of famous Indians drive Hummers too. Today, we’ll take a look at five of them.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni's Hummer H2


Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni is a certified car and bike nut. The man’s largest acquisition on four wheels is the Hummer H2, an SUV that he himself drove from Delhi to Ranchi.

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Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh with his Hummer H2

Harbhajan Singh, an off spinner in the Indian cricket team, followed captain Dhoni, to become the second Hummer owner among cricketing circles. Harbhajan bought a black Hummer H2, for nearly a crore rupees, after duties.

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Suniel Shetty

Actor Suniel Shetty with his car Hummer at his residence

Among Bollywood actors, strong man Suniel Shetty, known for playing action star roles, brought some action into his life by buying a Hummer H2.

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Mika Singh

Mika with his Hummer H2 1

Mika Singh, a singer of repute in Bollywood, and the brother of Daler Mehndi, owns a Hummer too.

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Mohammed Nisham

Mohammed Nisham Hummer

Mohammed Nisham isn’t famous for the right reasons. Rather, he’s infamous. A beedi tycoon who’s currently in jail for allegedly murdering a security guard at an apartment, Nisham has a fleet of exotic cars ranging from Ferrari to Lamborghini, from Rolls Royce to Aston Martin. He also owns a Hummer, a vehicle he used for allegedly murdering his security guard by continually ramming against him.

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  1. It seems the Beedi king is the common factor in all the lists.His cars have unfortunately been more infamous than famous. The ferrari came into news as his son was driving it, the Hummer for the alleged murder, and the Rolls Royce for the row he had with the police.

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