This is India’s longest Maruti 800! [Video]

The Maruti 800 is an iconic car in the history of the Indian automotive industry. The car was initially launched in 1983 and remained in production for decades. The Maruti 800 made cars affordable for Indian middle-class families. Although Maruti discontinued the 800 in 2014, there are still several collectors who have well-maintained versions of the car in their garages. Many of them have also modified this small family hatchback.

Here, we have a video of a Maruti 800 that has been modified into a hearse. It is probably the longest Maruti 800 in India. The video has been uploaded by Jaipur Jeep Lovers on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows a Maruti 800 hatchback that has been modified into a stretched version that is currently used as a hearse. The car was built for a Gurudwara in the area and is used by them for public service.

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The front-end of the car has minor changes, with the stock headlamps on the hatchback being replaced by a round aftermarket unit. However, the video does not show how the modification was done. Looking at the side profile, it’s evident that the workshop simply chopped the car from the middle and extended the body using metal sheets. The car looks odd mainly because of its length. The wheelbase of the car has also increased, making it a bit difficult to drive through city roads. The turning radius of the car has increased, and while the exterior looks neatly packaged, we cannot say the same about the interiors of this car.

This is India’s longest Maruti 800! [Video]
Modified Maruti 800

As mentioned above, this hatchback is used as a hearse by a religious institution, and the rear seat of the car has been completely redesigned. There are two seats at the rear and a stretcher to carry the body. Just like the exterior, the interior of this hatchback has been finished in a shade of blue. The car gets blue colored leather seat covers, and the dashboard and other switches in the cabin are all the same as stock. The stretcher can be accessed by opening the tailgate, and there is a partition between the driver’s cabin and the rear. We are not sure whether the rear cabin is air-conditioned or not. It is definitely something unique, but is it a neat modification? We don’t think so.

The video does not mention the time and cost involved in this modification. We don’t think there are more examples of a Maruti 800 hearse in the country, which makes it India’s only Maruti 800 hatchback to be converted or modified in such a manner. Maruti delivered the first-ever 800 hatchback to Mr. Harpal Singh in 1983, with the keys being handed over by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The car was recently bought back by Maruti, and the manufacturer completely restored the car, displaying it at their headquarters in Delhi. The Maruti 800 was offered with a 796-cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine that generated 39.5 Ps and 59 Nm of peak torque.