India’s loudest Ford Mustang is sheer MADNESS [Video]

Ford is a popular vehicle manufacturer in India and has cars like Figo, Freestyle and Endeavour in the market. They had launched their 2-door sports car Mustang in the Indian market few years ago and it became popular among car enthusiasts because of its attractive price tag. Mustang is a popular model from Ford all around the world and it has been a donor car for several modifications too. We have seen several modified examples of Ford Mustang in the past and here we have a video of a Ford Mustang which probably has one of the loudest exhaust in the country.

The video has been uploaded by Horsepower Cartel on their youtube channel. The vlogger introduces to a wild looking modified Ford Mustang with a loud exhaust in the video. The modified Mustang seen in the video is known as Diana and it gets a two wrap job done to it. On one side it gets Acid green wrap whereas the other half is all black which is the original colour of the car.

On the black side, it has green livery and there is a splitter at the front and a diffuser at the rear too. Almost all the modification seen on this car has been done by D&O Motorsports and it is probably the only Mustang in the country to get a side exit exhaust. It seems like the owner has gone for a valvetronic setup for the exhaust. This allows the driver to switch off the valves when not needed and the car will sound normal. The moment he switches the valves ON, the car would become loud. The side exit exhaust are working when the valves are open and when it is turned off, the regular exhaust at the rear is functioning. Apart from this, there is a huge wing spoiler installed on the boot as well.

India’s loudest Ford Mustang is sheer MADNESS [Video]

The owner then takes it for a spin on empty Mumbai roads and the moment he turned the valves ON, the roar from exhaust was the only thing that was to be heard. Even flames were coming out of the exhaust occasionally. The car was so loud that it can easily be heard from a distance. The wild modifications and this exhaust setup, all gives it a crazy look and feel. It is not known whether any modifications are done to the engine or not.