India’s most comfortable mid-size sedans

Sedans are bought for two primary reasons: added comfort when compared with hatchbacks and luggage carrying capacity. Besides, sedans are also seen as status symbols, denoting a higher socio-economic status than a hatchback in some circles.

Here, CarToq picks the top five sedans, between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh, that offer maximum comfort based on criteria such as seat cushioning, premium feel and suspension setup for both city and highway journeys.

Nissan Sunny

(Rs. 5.93 lakh – Rs.8.93 lakh)

India’s most comfortable mid-size sedans
Photo: Nissan Sunny diesel is big on space, easy on maintenance

The Sunny is all about space. It offers the segment-leading legroom for rear seat passengers. The Sunny offers a more spacious cabin than cars twice as expensive. The front seats in the Sunny offer good all round support while at the rear, the legroom at over 646 mm which is over half a meter allowing you to relax as you would in a business-class aircraft seat. Comfort is further ensured with features such as rear cooling fan and rear centre armrest with cup holders.

The suspension setup in the Sunny quietly sorts out road undulations and rough patches go unnoticed by the passengers. At high speeds too, the Sunny is quite planted and offers a comfortable ride. Besides, the 490 litres boot space makes the Sunny, a lot more practical than others. The Sunny is the best chauffeur-driven sedan which is great on space, comfort and fuel efficiency as well.

Tata Manza

(Rs. 5.70 lakh – Rs. 8.03 lakh)

India’s most comfortable mid-size sedans
Photo: If you own a Manza you should get your anti-roll bar brushes replaced for free now!

The Manza is a very good example of why Tata cars are preferred for their space and comfort, and popular with car rental companies. The Manza seats have a plush feel, especially in the top-end Elan trim which comes with leather upholstery. The rear seat has loads of space and a perfect recline angle making it comfortable for long journeys.

The Manza comes with many comfort features such as steering-mounted audio and phone controls and remote controlled keyless entry. The Manza also has 460 litres of luggage space making it a practical family sedan.

Fiat Linea

(Rs. 6.96 lakh – Rs. 9.35 lakh)

India’s most comfortable mid-size sedans

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The Linea comes with comfortable seats that provide ample legroom for both passengers at the front and the back, thanks to its long wheelbase. The shoulder room is also adequate, though it could do with some more headroom at the rear.

The Linea has leather upholstery in the top-end variant for the added plush feel. The car has a soft suspension that makes it glide over bumps mostly offering maximum comfort to its passengers. The Linea further enhances the rear seat comfort with features such as sun blinds and rear AC vents that give a premium feel.

Skoda Rapid & Volkswagen Vento

(Rs. 6.90 lakh – Rs. 9.50 lakh) & (Rs. 8.36 lakh – Rs. 9.77 lakh)

India’s most comfortable mid-size sedans

The Rapid and the Vento have almost similar space and comfort levels. Both the cars come with well padded seats that offer excellent under thigh support that some of the Japanese and Korean sedans lack. Plastic quality and fit and finish are commendable assuring that they will last really long. The suspension setup in the Vento is soft offering great ride quality in low speeds but adequate for high speeds.

The Rapid and Vento both have rear AC vents which helps ins cooling the cabin better. Besides comfort features such as ‘ergolever’ which can be used to adjust the rear seat legroom emphasizes the car maker’s focus on rear passenger comfort. The only grouse is the intrusion of transmission tunnel that eats up the legroom for the middle passenger.

Close call

While these are the mid-size sedans that offer best comfort to passengers, we take a quick look at cars which we didn’t list in this compilation. The Honda City almost made it to the list, but when you sit in it, it doesn’t give you that much of a luxury feel. This is debatable though.

Spacious sedans such as the Toyota Etios and Mahindra Verito look boring on the inside due to expanse of plastics that feel hard and remind you of fleet cars. The Fiesta Classic isn’t particularly roomy and even the new Ford Fiesta lacks rear seat comfort and its needless to say the positioning of centre armrest with hinges sticking out.

What’s your take on the most comfortable sedans between Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh? Let us know.