India’s most expensive car Rolls Royce Phantom launched

Rolls Royce has officially launched the Phantom in India that has a starting price of Rs. 9.5 crore for the standard wheel edition. The extended wheelbase version of the vehicle is priced at Rs. 11.3 crores, both prices ex-showroom. The first car of the Phantom Series VIII will go to Chennai city and will be launched in other major cities subsequently.

India’s most expensive car Rolls Royce Phantom launched

The eighth generation of the Rolls Royce Phantom comes after a long wait of 16 years. The car is an all-new vehicle and has been made on a new-age aluminium spaceframe platform. Rolls Royce calls it the ‘Architecture of Luxury’. The new frame is 30 percent more rigid than the predecessor and is lighter too. The new Phantom has grown in size overall. Even though it has become 77mm shorter, it is now 8mm taller and 29 mm wider than the last generation Phantom.

The design of the vehicle has been updated too. It remains similar to the previous design but with enough updates to distinguish it. The new car gets a larger 24-slat chrome grille, new LED projector headlamps with LED DRLs and a new LED tail lamp as well. The design has been inspired by a yacht and the new model also gets two-tone exterior shade, that makes it look grand. The new car continues to get the iconic suicide doors.

India’s most expensive car Rolls Royce Phantom launched

The cabin of the new Rolls Royce Phantom VIII is extremely quiet. It gets 6mm two-layered glazing on every window surface and 130 kg of sound isolation to ensure that the interiors are whispering quiet. It also gets a lot of technology like a new glass-enclosed feature that starts from the steering wheel to the passenger side door on the dashboard. The space displays anything from artwork to different colours as per owner’s choice.

Under the hood is a massive 6.75-litre engine that is an all-new motor. It gets twin-turbo and is in V12 format. The engine generates 563 Bhp and 900 Nm of peak torque. It can reach 100 km/h from nought in just 5.4 seconds.

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