India’s most extensively modified Toyota Hilux costs Rs. 60 lakh [Video]

Toyota as a brand has built a space for itself in the Indian market. Their models like Qualis, Innova, Innova Crysta and the Fortuner became popular among buyers mainly because of its reliability and comparative low cost of maintenance. Last year, Toyota launched Hilux pick up truck in the Indian market. The iconic truck is popular all across the globe for the same reasons as its siblings. As this is a global model, there are a variety of modification options available for Hilux and many people have also started modifying the same. Here we have one such video where a Toyota Hilux has been completely modified for overlanding purpose. It costs about Rs. 60 lakh with modifications.

The video has been uploaded by ASHWIN SINGH TAKIAR on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger speaks to the owner of Bimbra 4×4, Taran Bimbra who owns this Toyota Hilux pick up. As mentioned above, the truck has been modified in such a manner that it is suitable for overlanding. The owner had one thing in his mind while modifying this truck. He wanted the truck to look different with subtle modifications so that the truck does not attract cops while they are on their trips.

Starting with the front, there is a metal off-road bumper from Hamer 4×4 and the good thing about this bumper is that it does not affect the working of the airbags. The auxiliary lamps are integrated into the bumper itself and it looks neat. The whole bumper has been painted in the body colour so that it does not grab attention of the cops while on the road. There are heavy duty shackles, and underbody protection with LineX coating. There are small garnishes around the headlamps and there is a bug deflector on the bonnet. Coming to the side profile, the stock wheels have been replaced with aftermarket units and the truck looks slightly taller as it gets a lift kit installed.

India’s most extensively modified Toyota Hilux costs Rs. 60 lakh [Video]

The suspensions and arms are all upgraded to make it more capable for off-roading and there is a metal rock slider installed on the Hilux for protection as well as convenience. A 360 degree camera has been installed and at the rear, a metal canopy has been installed at the rear. There are sliding glass windows and there is an integrated LED turn indicator and tail lamps at the rear too. The canopy at the rear has converted the luggage space into a tent. Taran is keeping all the essentials like a recovery kit in here. This space can be converted into a tent as the floor gets soft cushion as mattress. Once again, all these panels, including the canopy itself is installed on clamps and can be removed whenever the owner wants.

There is even a 50 litre water tank placed behind the rer seats and the water outlet is placed under the rear wheel arch. The owner has not made many changes to the interior of the car. Everything else remains stock. Taran can be heard saying in the video that overall cost of all these modifications of Hilux would be around Rs 15 lakh.