India’s most EXTREME Maruti 800: This is IT! [Video]

The Maruti 800 was India’s favourite car until it was discontinued from the market. Even after years of discontinuation, there are many immaculately kept examples of the Maruti 800. The 800 was the first car of many Indian families and it holds an emotional value for many. Many families keep the Maruti 800 after modifying it. Here is one such modified Maruti 800 from Punjab.

The final modification of the Maruti 800 seen here looks inspired by the off-roading SUVs, such as the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The car is door-less and roof-less; however, it gets a roll cage to save the passengers from any injuries if the car rolls over. The car gets side-facing seats in the rear, similar to the Gypsy and Thar. The car also gets a rear tailgate with a spare wheel mounted on it. All around, the modified Maruti gets solid rods that act as crash guards. On the inside, the vehicle stays in stock and the engine has not been touched too. The modder has replaced the doors of the car with skeleton doors made from hollow pipes that reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.

The FWD Maruti 800 looks good with the modification but it sure cannot do hardcore off-roading. The modifications do add visual appeal to the old car though. The Maruti 800 is powered by a 796-cc engine that produces a maximum of 37 Bhp and 59 Nm of peak torque. There are many irrelevant stickers on the body of the modified Maruti 800 too.

India’s most EXTREME Maruti 800: This is IT! [Video]

There are quite a few modified Maruti 800 around the country and many of them have been modified into convertibles and two-seaters. However, such modifications are not road-legal and the vehicle can get seized if caught by cops. Such vehicles can run freely inside places like racing tracks or private properties. Altering a vehicle’s structure is illegal by Indian rules and any such modification can lead to impounding of the vehicle by cops.