India’s most fun-to-ride automatic scooters: Honda Activa-based Grazia to TVS NTorq

The scooter market in India has become quite mature. From the days of good old Bajaj Chetak to modern day electric scooters, there has been a long leap in the segment. A few years back, manufacturers tried to launch performance scooters like Kinetic Blaze in the market but did not receive an overwhelming response. The age of performance scooters is slowly coming back with many manufacturers planning to launch maxi-scooters in the market. But which are the fun to ride scooters that are currently available on the market? We bring you six such fun-to-ride scooters of India.

Aprilia SR150 Race Edition

Why is it fun? Powerful scooter with altered gearing for quick acceleration

Aprilia entered the affordable segment of the Indian two-wheeler market with the launch SR150. After receiving a good response from the market, the Italian manufacturer launched a race edition of the scooter for the enthusiasts. The scooter gets bold body graphics with vibrant stickers all over the body. It also gets contrasting red 14-inch alloy wheels.

It is powered by a 154cc, single-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 10.4 Bhp and peak torque of 11.4 Nm. Aprilia has altered the gear ratios of the scooter to enhance its pick-up. It also gets front telescopic forks and rear mono-shock. The SR150 feels like a motorcycle when it comes to riding dynamics while making sure that the rider gets all the comfort of a scooter.

Piaggio Vespa LX 150

Why is it fun? Most powerful affordable scooter in India

Piaggio Vespa is an iconic name in the world of scooters. The Vespa’s retro styling compiled with modern engine and equipment makes it one of the most attractive packages in the two-wheeler market. The Vespa 150 is powered by a 150cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. It is the same engine that is found in the Aprilia SR150 too but it is tuned in a different state.

The engine generates a maximum power of 11.6 Bhp and peak torque of 11.5 Nm. It is more powerful than the Aprilia 150 but at the same time, it is heavier. Nonetheless, the Vespa LX150 is the most powerful affordable scooter in India and it sure is very much fun to ride.

TVS NTorq 125

Why is it fun? India’s fastest accelerating 125cc scooter

Just launched in India, the TVS NTorq can do the 0-60 Kph sprint in just 9 seconds. Top speed is impressive too, at 95 Kph. Priced just Rs. 600 more than the Honda Grazia, the NTorq even comes with a petal disc brake on the front wheel for great stopping power. The scooter is priced at Rs. 58,750, ex-showroom Delhi, and features a 125 cc four stroke engine with 9.4 Bhp and 10.5 Nm on tap.

Honda Grazia

Why is it fun? Powerful and lighter than Activa 125

Honda’s latest product in the market, the Grazia was launched last year. It is the sharpest looking Honda scooter available in India and is based on the Activa 125. The scooter was launched to woo the youngsters in the market. It gets a huge headlamp on the apron and with its angular design, the Grazia looks quite aggressive.

The Grazia draws power from the same 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that powers the Activa 125. However, the lower weight of the Grazia makes it much more fun to ride. The scooter gets 12-inch steel wheels, LED headlamp and disc brake on the front alloy wheel. It offers better performance than the Activa 125 and is much fun to ride.

Piaggio Vespa VXL 125

Why is it fun? Unique three-valve engine, high-compression engine for high performance

Piaggio also offers a 125cc version of the Vespa in India. The scooter retains the iconic styling with advanced engine tech. The Vespa 125 is fairly tech loaded in its segment and is powered by a single-cylinder 125cc engine. The engine generates a maximum of 9.76 Bhp and 10.6 Nm. It gets a telescopic front suspension and a mono-shock at the rear. The Vespa 125 gets a monocoque body that aids to its handling capabilities. With the high-performance engine and monocoque body, the Vespa 125 is considered to be an enthusiastic, fun-to-ride scooter.

Suzuki Access 125

Why is it fun to ride? Weighs only 102 kg with decent power output

Lightweight in most cases translates into good performance and the Access 125 is all about that. The scooter weighs only 102 kg and is powered by a 125cc, single-cylinder engine. The air-cooled engine generates 8.5 Bhp and 10.2 Nm and gets Suzuki Eco Performance technology that makes the low-end torque quite strong. Even though the suspension is on a bit softer side to make the scooter pot-hole road-friendly, the lighter body weight makes it quite quick and quite fun to ride.

Honda Activa 125

Why is it fun to ride? Powerful engine, good handling

The Honda Activa 125 has been around for a while now. It was one of the first 125cc automatic scooters that were launched in India. The scooter attracts a big chunk of the enthusiastic fraternity quite well due to its performance and reliability. The Activa 125 is powered by a single-cylinder 124cc engine that generates a maximum of 8.5 Bhp and 10.54 Nm. It gets a V-Matic transmission and performs quite well inside the city limits. It is quick in the traffic conditions and has enough power to take the rider past the heavy traffic without breaking a sweat.