India’s most POWERFUL Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle is here!

Race Concepts, a car and motorcycle tuning outfit based out of Bangalore, has modified the Bajaj Dominar for more power and torque. The modified motorcycle is India’s most powerful Dominar 400, with 20 % more power and torque than the stock version. On the road, it should be a much faster accelerating machine thanks to the bump up on power and torque.

India’s most POWERFUL Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle is here!

What are the modifications?

There are four key changes. The modified Dominar 400 features a modified engine head, a remapped ECU, a free flow exhaust and a free flow air filter. These changes push up the wheel horsepower (HP measured at the wheel) to 33 Bhp. The stock Dominar 400 makes about 27 Bhp at the wheel, accounting for transmission losses.

India’s most POWERFUL Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle is here!

Torque goes up to 32 Nm, again from about 27 Nm on the stock version. At the crank, the modified Dominar 400 is likely to be pulling over 40 Bhp of peak power and 40 Nm of peak torque, a good raise from the stock version’s 35 Bhp-35 Nm. With these changes, the modified motorcycle becomes India’s most powerful Dominar.

For pricing and other details, you’ll have to get in touch directly with Race Concepts.

The Dominar 400 is Bajaj Auto’s flagship motorcycle. It uses a 373cc, four stroke engine that gets liquid cooling, triple spark plug ignition, four valves and fuel injection. A 6 speed manual gearbox is standard. The motorcycle is available with dual channel ABS, and it’s highly recommended that buyers opt for the ABS equipped version.

The Dominar 400 with ABS is priced at Rs. 1.56 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi. The non-ABS version is about 14,000 rupees cheaper, at Rs. 1.42 lakhs. Bajaj Auto sells the Dominar as a sports cruiser. The motorcycle can hit a top speed of around 150 Kph, and can do the 0-100 Kph sprint in less than 8 seconds. Bajaj Auto has been pitching the Dominar as a faster, more reliable alternative to Royal Enfield motorcycles.