India’s most POWERFUL Jeep Compass Petrol SUV is here!

Kiirus, a car tuner based out of Mumbai, has just given the Jeep Compass Petrol SUV a lot more power and torque than stock. With a remap in tow, this Compass Petrol is India’s most powerful, with outputs of 188 Bhp and 285 Nm. The stock Compass Petrol SUV makes 160 Bhp and 250 Nm from its 1.4 liter-4 cylinder turbocharged engine.

India’s most POWERFUL Jeep Compass Petrol SUV is here!

So, the bump up in power and torque is nearly 20 % – a very good number. The key to this is the fact that the Compass Petrol uses a turbocharged engine. On such an engine, turbo boost can be bumped up through a remap for much better outputs than stock. This is what most remaps for turbo petrol cars do to boost power and torque.

The Compass Petrol that has been tuned by Kiirus is the automatic variant, which uses a 7 speed, twin clutch gearbox. Shifts have also become faster after the remap, making the SUV a lot more fun to drive. For its part, Kiirus claims that the remap will not be detectable during routine service, which means that the Compass owner gets to keep his warranty even after the remap.

India’s most POWERFUL Jeep Compass Petrol SUV is here!


However, do remember that remapped cars do have the potential to lose factory warranty if the remap is detected during service or a warranty claim. This is one of the dangers that owners of remapped cars have to face. The other danger of course is higher wear and tear on the engine. While most good remappers make sure that the remap doesn’t push the engine by too much, a remap for more power in almost all cases will see the engine incurring higher wear and tear than a stock motor without a remap.

If you do get a remap for your car, ensure that you follow the service schedule religiously. Also, ensuring that the car gets high quality fuel is another aspect that needs to be kept in mind considering that a remapped car is more susceptible to problems caused due to poor fuel quality. In fact, automakers routinely reduce power and torque outputs on cars sold in India to cope with poor quality fuel. Remaps do away with this safeguard. So, as the car owner, the onus is on you to ensure good fuel quality.

Meanwhile, you can get in touch with Kiirus here. The introductory price for Compass remaps is Rs. 35,000.