India’s most powerful Maruti Jimny is here [Video]

The possibility of Maruti Suzuki Jimny being equipped with aftermarket tires and accessories was already high even before the compact off-roader officially launched in India. Now, there is a growing interest in making it an even more powerful vehicle. Recently, we came across a video in which a person tuned his newly purchased Jimny and tested it on a dynamometer, revealing some interesting performance figures.


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In an Instagram reel shared by GT Tunerz, a dyno testing and vehicle calibration facility based in New Delhi, a Maruti Suzuki Jimny is seen undergoing testing on a dynamometer. The reel’s caption mentions that the Jimny has been treated with GT Tunerz’s OEM+ Stage 1 calibration, which has been thoroughly tested and verified in-house by GT Tunerz.

Before upgrading the Jimny with the Stage 1 tune, the off-roader was tested on a dynamometer to determine its power and torque outputs in stock condition. The Jimny produced 99.6 bhp of power and 125.07 Nm of torque during this test. These figures are slightly lower than Maruti Suzuki’s claimed power of 104.8 bhp and torque of 136.2 Nm for the Jimny’s 1.5-liter K15B four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine.

Tuned Maruti Jimny

India’s most powerful Maruti Jimny is here [Video]

After upgrading the Jimny with the Stage 1 tune, the vehicle underwent another round of dynamometer testing by GT Tunerz. This time, the Jimny produced 106.4 bhp of power and 145.11 Nm of torque. These figures indicate an increase of 6.8 bhp in power output and 20.04 Nm in torque output for the off-roader.

According to GT Tunerz, this increase in power and torque aligns with the 6-8% performance boost typically seen with their Stage 1 tune for naturally-aspirated engines. GT Tunerz also announced upcoming hardware upgrades for the Jimny, including new intakes, headers, turbochargers, and superchargers. With these performance upgrades, power enthusiasts can achieve maximum power outputs of up to 200 bhp in the Jimny.

Since the launch of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, several owners have been visiting tire and accessory shops to upgrade their vehicles. This power and torque upgrade plan is the first of its kind revealed for the Jimny, offering good news for those seeking more power from the off-roader. However, it is important to note that such aftermarket upgrades void the carmaker’s warranty and can negatively impact the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

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