India’s most powerful train with 12000 Bhp: Watch it in action [Video]

When we here the word power, we generally relate it with a supercar or a hypercar. A locomotive or a train engine is likely to be the last thing that would come to your mind. The Indian Railways has very recently got a brand new locomotive which is much more powerful than the existing ones. How powerful? Well, the new engine generates a maximum of 12,000 Bhp! This is the most powerful engine that any locomotive in India has ever been fitted with. Finally,  it’s been put into operation now. Here we have a video that shows the very same engine in action.

The video has been uploaded by Karan Dizit on his youtube channel where the new engine can be seen crossing a small station hauling wagons. The new engine has been manufactured by French manufacturer Alstom at Madhepur Electric Locomotive Pvt. Ltd. in Bihar. This new engine is completely electric and will be specifically used to move goods. The Madhepur Electric Locomotive Pvt. Ltd. will manufacture more such engines in future. To be specific, 800 units over the period of 11 years.

With the Indian Railways launching this new engine which is known WAG 12B, India is now the 6th country in the world to manufacture a very powerful train engine indigenously. This new engine WAG 12B is built as part of ‘Make in India’ initiative. This engine departed from Mughalsarai which is now known as Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Jn Station in Uttar Pradesh. Here is another video that shows the locomotive much better.

The train was carrying 11 freight wagons and was going to Shivpur. The WAG 12B freight locomotive is technologically advanced in comparison to the older engines. It has an air-conditioned cabin at both the ends and also has regenerative braking system. The engine can be tracked via GPS. The engine is also capable of withstanding country’s extreme heat and humidity and has a hauling power of up to 6,000 tonnes. This new engine is powerful and is capable of doing high speed runs, thus will be a great addition to our rail network.

As per Alstom’s plan, they were suppossed to supply 10 locomotive by March this year but, are now running behind their schedule. This had happened because the initial prototypes had failed twice. Alstom has confirmed that 8 electric WAG12B freight locomotives have been delivered so far. These trains will mainly be used for goods wagons.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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