India’s most powerful, tuned Maruti Jimny is here [Video]

The Maruti Jimny has been a much-awaited product from an Indian car manufacturer this year. The Indian market did not receive the 3-door version; however, we were the first market to get the more practical 5-door version. Deliveries have commenced, and many people have even modified it. Performance upgrades have also begun for this SUV. It is currently the only 4×4 vehicle sold by Maruti in India. We have seen videos in which people have installed aftermarket alloy wheels and other accessories on the Jimny. However, we now have a Jimny that receives a stage 2 tune and is probably the most powerful Jimny in India.

The video has been uploaded by The Drivers Hub. The vlogger introduces a Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door SUV that has been tastefully modified by the owner. He refers to it as one of the most powerful Jimny vehicles currently available in the country. The K15B series engine is the same as the one available in the 3-door version. Maruti did not update or swap it for the latest K15C, which is much more efficient due to its better low-end performance. The owner of this Jimny did opt for a couple of accessories from the dealership, such as side body claddings and faux metal panels on the fenders.

This is not the top-end variant, which means it misses out on features like headlamp washers, projector lamps, alloy wheels, and so on. The wheels on this SUV appear to be stock, and the tires do as well. The owner of this SUV has actually installed a snorkel, which is neatly integrated with the A-pillar of the vehicle. The main change or modification to this SUV happened under the hood. As this is an international model, there are already many tunes available for this engine.

India’s most powerful, tuned Maruti Jimny is here [Video]
Jimny stage 2 tuned

The owner of this Maruti Jimny went ahead and performed a stage 2 remap. In its stock form, the Maruti Jimny generates 105 bhp and 135 Nm of peak torque. After the remap, this Jimny now produces 120 bhp and 155 Nm of peak torque. While this might seem low when compared to other cars, it should be noted that the Jimny is not intended to be a performance car. The engine is tuned in a manner that makes it drivable on the road while also performing well off-road.

The owner has also upgraded the headers and exhaust on this Jimny. The exhaust tips have been rerouted to exit from under the registration plate area. The vlogger took the SUV for a quick drive and was very pleased with the performance. He mentions that the gear shifts and the clutch all behave the same way as the stock car; however, the engine is now a lot more responsive than before. It feels like there is a significant power reserve that can be tapped into. There are Jimny SUVs outside of India that have been tuned to generate close to 200 bhp, and we hope to see the same in India very soon.

The rest of the car looks stock. The exhaust note sounds quite sporty and is not overly loud at low speeds. The video mentions that the cost of the headers and exhaust was around Rs 44,000, and he spent almost Rs 28,000 for the stage 2 tune. Additionally, he invested Rs 19,000 for the snorkel. Overall, this appears to be a well-executed build.