India’s most powerful Volkswagen Ameo makes a WHOPPING 183 HP

Looking at the growing popularity and tax benefits in the sub-4 meter car segment, German car manufacturer Volkswagen had launched their first even sub-4 meter compact sedan Ameo in India back in 2016. It was launched to expand Volkswagen’s portfolio as well as to fill the gap between Polo and Vento. It was the most affordable sedan from the manufacturer and was available with a petrol and diesel engine options. The car however is discontinued as it was not compliant with the BS6 emission norms. Here we have a video that shows a modified Ameo sedan which is probably the most powerful Ameo in the country.

The video has been uploaded by The Driver Seat on their youtube channel. The video generally talks about the things that must be kept in mind while modification and also shares details about the modification that is done to the car. From outside, the car looks pretty normal but, a lot things have gone into it. This is the 1.5 litre turbo diesel version with DCT gearbox. It generates 110 Ps and 250 Nm torque when in its original state of tune. After all the modifications, the engine now generates a whopping 183 Ps.

The Ameo seen in the video belongs to Mr. Aswin who own ICD tuning in Chennai. The car has undergone Stage 3+ tuning and as part of the modification, Aswin has upgraded lot of hardware inside the car. Starting with the intake, the stock air intake has been replaced with a short ram intake unit. The other major update here is that it now gets a bigger turbocharged and a bigger intercooler with custom charge pipes. The complete exhaust system has also been modified. As the engine was tuned, the DSG or DCT gearbox was also Stage 2 tuned and it also gets a launch control.

India’s most powerful Volkswagen Ameo makes a WHOPPING 183 HP

Other than that, it now rides on 17 inch team dynamics motorsport light weight alloys. The wheel itself has changed the overall stance of the car. As the car is now a lot more powerful than before, the braking has been improved too. It now gets disc brake on all four wheels with Audi S1 brake kit. The suspension on this sedan has been upgraded and it now sits 15mm lower than a stock vehicle.

Looking at the vehicle, it does not look like a car that generates 183 Ps of power. It looks like a regular family sedan with a large alloy from outside. Moving inside, the stock seats have been upgraded to electrically adjustable seats with memory function. The regular flat bottom steering on the Ameo was also replaced with a GTI steering an bigger paddle shifters. The stock instrument cluster on the Ameo was also removed and replaced with a unit from Seat Toledo. Apart from that, it gets an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system and a dashcam.

The owner then takes out Ameo for a spin and the moment it was turned on, the family sedan turned itself into a sports car. The sound from the turbo and the blow off valve was heard in the video and the exhaust note can also be heard in it. This is without any doubt the most powerful Ameo in the country and one of the best sleeper cars that we have seen in a while as well.