India's most spacious hatchbacks - 2014 Edition

India’s most spacious hatchbacks – 2014 Edition

Snapshot – For a middle class woman or man in India, buying a Toyota Innova, which easily is priced at over 10 lakh rupees even for the base variant, or say even a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, might not make financial sense. Then there is the issue of parking and maneuvering a big MPV in chaotic Indian traffic.  Yet, taking the family from point A to B in relative comfort is quite important and this is where spacious hatchbacks come in. CarToq profiles India’s six most spacious hatchbacks in 2014. 

Ford Figo

The Figo looks a little plain Jane when compared to its curvier competition but these plain looks are responsible for a more rectangular form factor. A rectangular form means that the Figo is a spacious car, for both the front and rear passenger. The car’s supportive seats also ensure long, fatigue free journeys. The car is sold with petrol and turbo diesel engine options with our pick being the diesel motor for its tractable and fuel efficient nature. The Figo’s outstanding trait is its ride and handling package, which will delight the driver in you. Prices of the Figo start at 3.86 lakh rupees.

Toyota Etios Liva

Like the Figo, the Liva is a car that won’t win beauty contests. What it will win though is an award for good packaging and spacious interiors that are comfortable to be in all day. The Liva is one of the more spacious cars what with Toyota engineering the car specifically for India and for the specific Indian buyer need of being able to cart around five adults. The Liva is sold with petrol and turbo diesel engine options, and the car’s performance in the cab market highlights its all round appeal.  The Liva starts at 4.40 lakh rupees.

Tata Indica Vista (to be replaced by the Bolt soon)

The Tata Indica Vista, based on the age-old X1 platform, carries on Tata cars’ typical trait of offering more per car. In this case, the ‘more per car’ marketing spiel can be used for space as the Vista is one of the larger B+ segment hatchbacks when it comes to interior dimensions. Tata Motors’ packaging mavens have done a great job with the Vista’s inside, allowing plenty of space to be liberated. The car’s interiors are airy and five adults of average build or four of big build can be comfortably accommodated in the Vista. The car will soon be replaced by the Bolt. Since the Bolt is more squarer in terms of design, than the Vista, the car is likely to retain the Vista’s spaciousness or even add some space. The Vista is currently sold only with turbo diesel engines and prices start at 4.78 lakh rupees. In case of the Bolt though, both turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines will be on offer.

Hyundai Grand i10

The Grand i10 is the newest addition to the list of spacious cars what with Hyundai consciously working on maximizing space on the car by opting for a longer wheelbase that is specific to the Indian market. The Grand i10 gets petrol and turbo diesel engine options, and a boat load of features. Interiors are top notch and an enjoyable place to be. Segment leading rear AC vents are a nice touch. The Grand i10 starts at 4.25 lakh rupees and is one of the best all-rounder cars in the B+ hatchback segment of the Indian car market.

Hyundai i20 

The i20 is the bigger brother of the i10 hatchback and offers more pep, a larger form factor and is naturally priced higher too. The car fells premium and sits at the top of the B+ segment hatchback space, rubbing shoulders with the Fiat Grande Punto and the Volkswagen Polo GT models but betters both cars in terms of space on offer. The i20 gets petrol and turbo diesel engine options. Though the car rides on a longer wheelbase than the Grand i10, it skimps on rear AC vents, which should be added in the all-new model due later this year. The i20 starts at 4.85 lakh rupees.

Chevrolet Sail U-VA

Like the Figo and the Etios Liva, the Chevrolet Sail U-VAs squarish looks give its innards plenty of room. The Sail U-VA is quite a comfortable car in terms of the space on offer. Copious leg and knee room and decent head and shoulder room are the hallmarks of the car. A no-nonsense car that does a fair job in all departments, the Sail U-VA’s poor sales belie  its actual capabilities. The car is available with petrol and turbo diesel engine options. Prices start at 4.29 lakh rupees.

Mahindra Verito Vibe

The Verito Vibe is technically not a hatchback, for its has a contraption that is more akin to a manhole cover serving as a boot lid of a cavity which Mahindra calls boot. However, it must be noted that this cavity is quite capacious and the general sense of capacity is carried all around the car. The Vibe is based on the Verito’s (originally Dacia Logan) wide body design and the less than flattering, boxy form factor endows the car with great space inside. The Verito Vibe is sold with a 1.5 liter turbo diesel engine. The car starts at 5.62 lakh rupees.