India's most spacious sedans: New Maruti Dzire to Skoda Superb

India’s most spacious sedans: New Maruti Dzire to Skoda Superb

The Indian car market has grown multiple times since the start of the current millennium. While hatchbacks continue to be responsible for the biggest chunk of sales, the SUVs have been witnessing the strongest growth in terms of popularity. However, there’s another mainstream segment that has seen a decent growth in the last few years. We’re talking about the mainstream sedans on sale in the country. There are still many car buyers who prefer the comfort and elegance of a sedan over similarly priced hatchbacks/SUVs. Let’s have a look at the most spacious sedans in India from every segment of the mainstream car market –

Tata Tigor – Rs 4.71 – 7.01 Lakh

The Tata Tigor is the cheapest sedan you can buy in the country. However, in spite of the affordable price tag, it’s among the most spacious cars in its segment. Based on the Tiago, the Tigor offers a sufficiently spacious cabin that’s also pretty comfortable due to all the roominess and decent ride quality. Moreover, Tata has managed to squeeze out a boot space of 419-liters, which is more than what some pricier car offers.

Maruti Dzire – Rs 5.56 – 9.43 Lakh

The latest-generation Dzire is easily the most spacious car in its category. It’s worth mentioning here that the new Dzire measures 1735 mm in width, which makes it wider than not only other compact sedans but even 5 mm wider than the Ciaz. The Dzire offers a boot space of 378-liters, which is again pretty good for a sub-4-meter compact sedan.

Toyota Etios – Rs 6.80 – 8.79 Lakh

The Toyota Etios has to be the most spacious non-sub-4-meter sedan in its price bracket. The Etios offers enough space for five occupants. It offers a decent legroom, both in the front and the rear. Also, it offers a segment-leading boot space of 595-liters. All these attributes make it a popular choice among the fleet operators.

Maruti Ciaz – Rs 7.83 – 11.62 Lakh

The Maruti Ciaz is easily the longest car in its segment. The Ciaz offers a lot of leg-space at the rear, which makes it a hot favorite of the chauffeur-driven. Also, it is wide enough to easily seat 3 occupants at the rear. Also, it has a boot-space of 510-liters, which is pretty impressive. The Ciaz is easily the most spacious car in its segment. And this plays a huge role in the car’s popularity.

Nissan Sunny – Rs 6.99 – 9.30 Lakh

The Nissan Sunny is another really spacious segmenter. The Sunny, akin to the Ciaz, offers a lot leg-space at the rear. Also, the beige interior helps make the cabin feel airier. Also, it offers a boot-space of 490-liters, which means you can easily carry a couple of large strolleys on a weekend trip.

Honda City – Rs 8.91 – 14.09 Lakh

The C2-segment of our car market is clearly divided into two categories. While one of them comprises of competitively priced cars like the Ciaz and the Sunny, the other end has costlier models like the Honda City and the Hyundai Ciaz. The City is easily the most spacious of the costlier C2-segment sedans we have out there. The City offers 510-liters of boot-space, which is exactly what the Ciaz offers.

Toyota Corolla Altis – Rs 15.79 – 19.73 Lakh

The Corolla Altis is another spacious sedan. It’s large, comfortable, and enjoys enough street presence. It offers enough space for five occupants and there’s enough legroom both at the front and the rear. Its boots-space, at 470-liters, isn’t exceptional but still good enough to carry a lot of luggage.

Hyundai Elantra – Rs 13.29 – 19.45 Lakh

The Elantra is another comfortable and fairly spacious D-segmenter. It offers a great ride and a spacious interior. There’s ample legroom, both at the front and at the rear. Also, the interior panels have a very modern design and there are plenty of storage spaces all around.

Skoda Octavia – Rs 16.03 – 25.12 Lakh

The Skoda Octavia is expensive but easily the most spacious sedan in the D1-segment. The cabin is really airy. Also, it’s built up of really high-quality materials, which makes it an even better place to be in. Also, the Octavia is basically a notchback, which makes it even more practical. Also, it has a huge boot-space of 590-liters.

Skoda Superb – Rs 25.09 – 32.41 Lakh

The Superb is the most expensive sedan on this list but is also the most spacious one. It’s even more spacious than many cars that are much costlier. The limo-like Superb offers a really gargantuan boot space of 625-liters. The Superb is expensive but is definitely the most comfortable and the most spacious sedan you can buy without having to spend a really enormous amount.