India’s one and only Ford Galaxie vintage car in a walkaround video

Car culture in India has improved over the years, and we have seen many people buying expensive and exotic cars. Last year, a Hyderabad-based businessman even purchased a McLaren 765 LT, which is India’s most expensive supercar. While there is a significant number of people who buy new and exotic cars, there are also many who are still into collecting vintage cars. Even some celebrities own vintage cars. Here, we have a video featuring a 1967 model Ford Galaxie 500 vintage convertible car. In this video, the vlogger provides a walkaround of this beautifully preserved car.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In the video, the vlogger discusses the exterior, interior, and the overall condition of the vintage car. The vlogger starts with the exterior. It is important to note that Ford never officially sold this model in India. The owner of this car privately imported it, and to this day, it remains a left-hand drive vehicle.

Similar to any American car or SUV, the Ford Galaxie 500 is a huge car. It is wide and long, resembling a boat, as was common for cars from that era. The front of the car features a significant amount of chrome, including twin round headlamp units on the sides. It’s not just the grille that is chrome; even the bumper of this convertible is finished in chrome, giving the car a premium look.

India’s one and only Ford Galaxie vintage car in a walkaround video
1967 Ford Galaxie

The lever to open the bonnet is integrated into the center of the front grille. Alongside the long bonnet, there are chrome fins, and a chrome strip runs the length of the car. On the side profile, there is a Galaxie 500 branding on the fender. The owner has taken good care of the car, and it still retains its original wheels with white sidewall stickers on the tires. The car is equipped with 15-inch tires.

At the rear, there is a round tail lamp unit that resembles a jet. Similar to the front, there are chrome elements here as well. The bonnet features Ford branding, and the tail displays the Galaxie branding. The car came with leaf spring suspension, which is also shown in the video. Being a convertible, the roof neatly folds down behind the rear seat and can be electrically opened and closed, still functioning properly.

The vlogger then showcases the interior of this convertible car. The original instrument cluster has been well-preserved. The levers to wind the windows are all original and functional. The large and thin steering wheel features Galaxie 500 branding in the center. The vlogger mentions that the car did not come with any driver seat adjustment. The fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and speedometer are all visible. Similar to the exterior, the interior is finished in red color. The front and rear feature bench seats resembling sofas. The video also demonstrates the spaciousness of the car’s trunk. The vlogger mentions that the car is not driven on the road and is only used for video shoots and functions. The current owner of this car has certainly maintained it well, considering the significant effort required to preserve such a beauty.

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