India’s one & only twin cylinder Lambretta makes a WHOPPING 65 BHP

There was a time when the two stroke scooters and motorcycles ad ruled our streets. Over a period of time, because of stringent emission norms and other regulations, these engines were phased out. Even though, 2 stroke motorcycles and scooters are not manufactured anymore, there are a section of people who have a great collection of well kept 2 stroke motorcycles. Here we have a very unique and beautiful looking scooter which is India’s one and only modified Lambretta with a twin cylinder engine. The donor scooter for this project was a Vijai Super Mark2 which is actually a re-badged Lambretta.


The modification work has been done by Senthil Govindraj who is a tattoo artist by profession at Skindeep, Bangalore. He is one of those person who adores two stroke motorcycles and has a special place for them in his heart. This project started back in 2019 when one of his friend called him up and told about a half-done project. Senthil who has a passion for customising bikes and scooters brought the scooter in and later started working on it.


What makes this project special is actually the heart. The stock engine on this scooter was replaced with a twin cylinder engine from Yamaha Banshee ATV. The engine was tuned to generate almost 65 Bhp. As this project used Yamaha and Lambretta, the artist likes to call it ‘Yambretta’.


In order to make room for this new twin cylinder two-stroke engine, the chassis was split in half and extended. As the engine was more powerful than before, a custom frame was built so that it can hold on to the chassis. The engine used in this scooter is actually a liquid cooled unit and the radiator has been nicely installed in the front. Senthil has made custom air vents at the front using Yamaha logo which gives a clue about what this scooter actually is. In order to improve the braking experience, he has gone for a double disc set up at the front and a single disc for the rear.


With all these modifications done, the kickstart on the scooter was taken and it now uses self start system. The whole scooter was given a paint job by his close friend who runs Motomatic R&D in Bangalore. The finished product get a red and black combination that actually looks great on ‘Yambretta’. The customiser had put his heart and soul into this project and that is definitely visible in the final product. The overall time that took him to finish this project was approximately an year and approximate cost is Rs 2.5 lakh.