Watch India’s only ‘home-made’ Volkswagen Beetle in action for the first time [Video]

Months ago, we had featured an article about Rakesh Babu, from Kerala, who had built a miniature version of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. He had shared couple of videos regarding how he miniature version was built and what all elements are used in the car. Here we have another video from the creator that shows the car in action. This mini Volkswagen Beetle quickly became popular online and the creator behind this even got chances to showcase this in several college auto shows.

The video has been shared by sudus custom on his youtube channel. The video starts with Rakesh Babu with a bottle of petrol in his hand for the Beetle miniature. The car was not being used for some time and this was actually a trial run for the car to make sure the car is in working condition. The fuel filler cap is placed on the roof and can be opened just the way it is opened in regular cars. He also says that most of the parts have been fabricated by him in his garage. The car has a fuel tank capacity of around 4 litres.

After filling the fuel, he takes us on a small tour of the vehicle itself showing all the parts. The headlights were taken from a Bajaj Autorickshaw and the ring was plated to give it that signature Volkswagen Beetle look. The vlogger also shows the engine bay of the car. It uses a 2 stroke engine from Suzuki Samurai and he himself had built a gearbox for the car so that it can go in reverse. On the inside, it can hardly seat 2 passengers and the almost all the components except for the seat were hand built by the vlogger in his garage.

Watch India’s only ‘home-made’ Volkswagen Beetle in action for the first time [Video]

He then after filling it with petrol tries to start the bike using self start. As the car was not being used for a long time, it seems like the battery in the car was drained. He then starts it using the kickstart. It has a very familiar 2 stroke engine note and the gearbox used is a sequential one. Just like a regular car it has accelerator, break and clutch pedals and a gear lever. The reverse gear gets a lever similar to the one seen in several auto rickshaws. Overall, it’s a wonderful home-made effort.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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