India’s only Maruti S-Cross All Wheel Drive: Costs 1 lakh to modify [Video]

Maruti Suzuki has several models in their line-up in India. Currently the flagship model from the manufacturer is the S-Cross. The premium crossover from the Indian manufacturer is sold via Nexa dealerships across India. Suzuki recently unveiled a completely updated S-Cross in the international market and the same is expected to come to India later this year. None of the models sold by Maruti Suzuki in India comes with AWD or Suzuki’s Allgrip system. We have seen several new modified examples of S-Cross from different parts of the country but, here we have an S-Cross which is probably India’s only S-Cross to get an AWD system installed in it.

The video has been uploaded by Panwar Brothers on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger taking about how the S-Cross seen in the video is different from others on the road. Suzuki offers AWD system on some of the models sold internationally but, not in India. The S-Cross looks exactly the same as any other S-Cross but, the owner has installed an AWD system in this.

When asked about the reason why he did such a modification, the owner mentions that he wanted to buy a Jeep Compass initially. Later when the plan got cancelled due to budget constraints, he then started looking for Kia Seltos but, the top-end model of the Seltos was also looking expensive. He considered build quality of the car before buying as well. S-Cross was fitting well in his budget and was offering a good build quality which is why he finalised it.

India’s only Maruti S-Cross All Wheel Drive: Costs 1 lakh to modify [Video]

After buying the S-Cross, he drove the car in stock form for some time and even took it off-road. He mentioned that S-Cross being a front wheel drive car, had its limitations on challenging surfaces and at times, the front wheels were not able to get enough traction to pull the car out. This is when he decided to modify the car. He got in touch with a workshop that does such modifications. The owner does not mention name of the workshop from where he got the AWD system installed.

It is a full time on AWD system and what that means is that the fuel economy of the car has also been affected. He mentions that the components used to transform this front wheel drive car into an AWD were all imported, He mentions that the overall cost of converting his S-Cross to an AWD S-Cross was around 1 lakh. He has not been facing any issues with the car after conversion and is pretty satisfied with the work. The only problem with the car is the fuel efficiency. The owner mentions that their is no switch to turn off the AWD system and it works all the time. Due to AWD system the car is now returning him around 11 kmpl when driven with a light right foot and otherwise it is returning around 8-9 kmpl.  The S-Cross seen here is the 1.3 litre turbo diesel variant which is not available in the market anymore.

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