India’s parallel parking legend on video: Didn’t even know that someone was recording

A video of a Toyota Innova coming out of an extremely narrow parking space became viral on the Internet a few days ago. The driver was later seen parking his vehicle on the same spot and with the same precision. Well, the person who executed the parking maneuver has been identified and he talked to the camera describing how he parks the Toyota Innova with such precision. Here is the video. While the video is in Malayalam, we have managed to translate it into English.

The person says on the video that the vehicle does not belong to him. The Innova belongs to a friend but he keeps the vehicle for work. The video was shot without his knowledge. He said on the video that he was on his way to the local workshop for minor work when his wife made the video from the balcony. She sent it to her brother, who sent it to a few friends and soon after that, it surfaced on the Internet and became viral.

He is an experienced driver who has been driving for ages now. Earlier, he used to drive a Jeep in Wayanad, Kerala on extreme terrains and that’s when he gained the experience of driving with precision. He also said that he used to drive a bus that measured a massive 12.5 metres. Compared to that length of the bus, he finds the length of the Innova very manageable and easy to drive.

Parallel parking is not rocket science. It requires the knowledge of the car and its steering position and practice. There are enough examples in the parking lot across India that shows that many people find it difficult to park their vehicle in a parallel position but here are a few tips that will definitely help you park your car better and with these points in mind with some practice, parking like this will not be a big deal at all.

For parallel parking, finding a suitable spot is necessary. This is why you should know your vehicle well and should be able to figure out a spot that is at least 4 feet longer than the length of your vehicle. However, you can always improvise according to the situation and your skillset.

Stop at the right point

For perfect and flawless parking you need to stop the vehicle strategically and position the rear wheels of your vehicle should align with the bumper that’s facing the parking spot. If you’re still getting to know your vehicle, you can take visual cues and align the last pillar of your car to the bumper.

Start driving

You need to slowly reverse into the empty space while keeping the steering towards the parking space. So if the parking space if towards your right, the steering wheel should be fully locked towards the right. Now using to ORVMs, get an idea and see if you’re too close to the parked vehicle.

Make changes as you go

To align the car parallelly to the wall start straitening the steering wheel while keeping an eye on the ORVM. When the front corner aligns with the corner of the parked vehicle that’s in front of you, rotate the steering completely to your left or right depending on the parking spot. Driving in reverse with this position will make your vehicle park parallelly to the kerb.

Leave space

Now that you are parallel-ly parked, make sure that there is enough space for the other cars to leave the parking spot. There should be a distance of at least 2 feet in the front and rear to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t block the other way. That’s it! Follow these steps and practice!

Shantonil Nag

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