Check out India’s only ‘Roadroller Bike’ on video

We have seen several weird and wacky looking modifications on cars and motorcycles around the world. We recently saw a vlogger extend the front forks of a motorcycle and trying to ride it. There are several modifications and if you don’t trust us, then just go and search on the internet. In this article we have one such weird looking modification in which the bike has been transformed into a roadroller.

The video has been uploaded by Crazy XYZ on their youtube channel. The video shows how a bunch of people transform a motorcycle into a roadroller. Video starts by showing a large metal drum or barrel with a hole in the centre on both the ends. The vlogger then inserts a round metal rod through it and inserts a washer in place. The end of the metal rod was then attached with a metal frame. The metal frame was welded in a way that it looked like a roller.

The bike vlogger chose for this experiment was a humble TVS Victor. The vlogger removes the front wheel along with the disc brakes. They bring the barrel turned roller to the bike and then attach it with the front forks. It was not a permanent set up and can be removed easily if anything was not working the way vlogger wanted.

Check out India’s only ‘Roadroller Bike’ on video

He then starts the bike and then starts moving ahead. Initially he finds it difficult to ride and starts pushing the bike slowly after putting it in gear. Once the bike had gained some momentum, the vlogger starts riding it. This modification has definitely ruined the handling characteristics of the bike the vlogger can be saying the same thing on video.

It is so bad that any sort of input to the handle was steering the bike to opposite direction. Moreover that, the front brakes were totally removed with the front wheel and vlogger was riding it with rear brakes only. On a motorcycle, front brakes are everything. The vlogger was aware of the danger and did not take it to higher speeds. He even comes up on video and says that this was simply done as part of an experiment and it is not recommended to do any kind of modification that affects the handling of the bike.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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