India’s SCARIEST roads to drive after dark

Paranormal activities and their stories both are extremely popular everywhere in the world. Some believe in them and some don’t. Whereas there are some locals who have experienced these events first hand. However, practical people seem to believe that it could be situational, or the sound of the wind or the shadows of the trees and our curious minds take us elsewhere believing in spirits and ghosts. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but we’ve curated a list of the 10 scariest roads known in India.

Delhi Cantonment

delhi cannt

Delhi Cantonment area is a part of the Old Delhi side and is covered with lush green thick trees all around. It may seem like heaven as there’s so much greenery and purer air to breathe. The stories suggest that a lady dressed in white has been often spotted roaming around in the area. This lady in question is known to ask for a lift from the passerby and in case the vehicle doesn’t stop, she starts to chase the car, almost matching the speed. She is known to sometimes enter the car as well. It is also said that the lady is the spirit of a woman who died several years ago in the same area from a fatal accident.

East Coast Road, Chennai

ecr chennai

The beautiful road that connects Chennai and Puducherry is a beautiful drive during the day, as the road runs along the shores of the Arabian Sea. However, after sunset, the road is poorly lit and has vast secluded stretches of roads. It is known that a woman has been spotted on the road with a toddler, just roaming around aimlessly. Locals claim that the woman and the child are the spirits of people who died in an accident on the same road a few years ago.

Blue Cross Road, Chennai

blue cross road

The Blue Cross Road in Basant Nagar is extremely popular amongst people who are fond of paranormal stories. Since the road is covered with thick trees and a single lane poorly lit road, it has been a known spot for suicides. Locals avoid crossing the road after sunset as it is believed that the spirits of the people who have died there are to emerge at night and scare the people away.

NH-2019 Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary


This was an area marked by the famous dacoit Veerappan. It is proved and is evident that a lot of people have been killed in this area by him. Locals keep reporting loud noises and faint human-like figures spotted roaming in the area. It is not known whether the area is still occupied by the people who work for Veerappan or these are due to some paranormal activity.

Keshadi Ghat

Kashedi ghat

This area falls between the well known and scenic Mumbai-Goa highway. It is one of the trickiest roads to drive on and therefore a lot of accidents have been reports from this road in the past. Locals say that on this route, a person suddenly appears in front of a moving vehicle and in case the driver doesn’t stop and runs over this ghost, they are destined to meet with a fatal accident.



This area is actually almost inaccessible by most people. This region is densely populated with the Naxalites and therefore becomes dangerous to travel during the dark. Locals have reported spotting ghost-like figures in the area but those could be mistaken for the Naxals roaming around in different clothes. This stretch of road also has a lot of temples that people visit while going ahead on the route to ward off evil.

Beasant Avenue, Chennai


This is another addition of a haunted road in Chennai. According to the people residing around this area, the ghost is said to playfully hit or even slap the passerby. Also, sometimes an unnatural face throws itself on people walking on the road.

Kasara Ghar, Mumbai-Nasik

kasara ghat

This stretch of road connecting Mumbai and Nasik has been known for the thick forest cover along the road. People have often spotted human-like figures sitting on top branches of the trees. There also reports of a headless lady in white clothes sitting on the trees.

Marve and Madh Road, Mumbai

marv & madh road

Moving more towards the city of Mumbai, this particular road is believed to be haunted by a woman who was a bride on the day she died. She is known to be brutally murdered and then dumped in the mangrove forest surrounding the area on the day of her wedding. Locals believe that the woman comes back and stands in front of the vehicles in motion. There have been accidents reported from this area, wherein the drivers said they were distracted and the accident happened while avoiding to hit her directly.

Igorchem Road, Goa

This is the road is just behind the famous “Our Girl of Snow” church in Goa. This particular road is known to be haunted even during the broad daylight. The exact paranormal activity has not been reported yet but the passersby and locals have shared different scary experiences while going through this road during the day as well as the night.