India’s seven most fun-to-ride automatic scooters: Honda Activa-based Grazia to TVS NTorq

India’s scooter market is currently undergoing an evolution thanks to the arrival of premium scooters. A few years ago, performance scooters like the Kinetic Blaze were rejected for not being frugal enough and too out-of-the-box. However, the current scooter market is much more accepting of these fun-to-ride scooters. Let’s take a look at seven such scooters already on sale in India and discuss what makes them fun-to-ride.

Aprilia SR150 Race Edition

Why is it fun? Powerful scooter gets altered gearing for quicker acceleration

In 2016, the Italian two-wheeler manufacturer entered the affordable segment of the Indian two-wheeler market by launching the SR150 scooter in India. Six months later, thanks to the positive response to its first scooter for India, Aprilia launched the Race edition of the SR150. The SR150 Race from Aprilia features new and bold graphics thanks to new stickers that can be found on various sections of the body. The Race Edition also features 14-inch alloy wheels that are painted red.

The Aprilia SR150 Race is powered by the same 154-cc, single-cylinder engine found on the regular SR150. The engine is rated at 10.4 Bhp and 11.4 Nm of peak torque. However, Aprilia has altered the gear ratios of the scooter to enhance its acceleration off the line. The SR150 Race offers motorcycle-like riding dynamics while making sure that the rider gets all the comfort of a scooter.

Piaggio Vespa VXL 150

Why is it fun? Most powerful retro scooter on sale in India. Old school design but extremely nimble.

The Piaggio Vespa is the go-to scooter for many enthusiasts. Its retro styling is a throwback to an era when the Vespa was the only brand that came to mind when you heard the word scooter.

The Vespa VXL 150 is powered by the same engine found in the Aprilia SR150. The Vespa’s engine offers the same amount of power and torque as the Aprilia, and though it is lighter and has a much softer suspension setup it is still one of the most nimble scooters currently on Indian roads thanks to its monocoque construction. Combine this with its retro looks and the Piaggio Vespa VXL 150 sure is a sight to behold.

TVS NTorq 125

Why is it fun? India’s fastest accelerating 125-cc scooter

The TVS NTorq was launched in India earlier this year. The new NTorq is the fastest accelerating 125-cc scooter currently on sale in India thanks to its all-new engine that produces 9.4 Bhp and 10.5 Nm of torque. The TVS NTorq can go from 0-60 kph in under 9 seconds. Top speed is impressive too, at 95 Kph.tap.

Honda Grazia

Why is it fun? As powerful yet lighter than Activa 125

The Honda Grazia is Honda second entry into the premium 125-cc scooter segment and is targeted at a younger audience. It features an aggressive angular design along with a full LED headlamp setup.

The Grazia use plastic body panels, which means that the new Grazia is lighter compared to the Activa 125, a scooter that it borrows its own powerplant from. The lowered weight of the Grazia compared to the Activa means that the new scooter is a lot quicker off the line and is also more nimble while negotiating turns and traffic, something which is helped by the disc brake up front.

Piaggio Vespa VXL 125

Why is it fun? Unique three-valve engine, a high-compression engine for high performance at a good price.

The Vespa VXL 125 is powered by Vespa’s unique three-valve 125-cc engine. That engine produces 9.76 Bhp and 10.6 Nm of torque and is one of the most powerful 125cc scooters on offer in India today. The Vespa VXL 125 also features telescopic front suspension and a mono-shock at the rear along with a monocoque body that aid its handling capabilities. When combined together, all these features make the Vespa VXL 125 one of the most fun to ride sccooters in India today.

Suzuki Access

Why is it fun to ride? Weighs only 102 kg with decent power output

The Suzuki may just be the lightest scooter with an automatic scooter on this list. The Suzuki Access weighs in at just 102 kilos. The low weight translates into good performance and the Access 125 is all about that thanks to its 125-cc engine that produces 8.5 Bhp and 10.2 Nm with the torque coming in even at  low rpms. Even though the suspension is a bit on the softer side to deal with the nation’s pot-hole ridden roads, the lightweight body makes it quite quick and quite fun to ride.

Honda Activa 125
Why is it fun to ride? Powerful engine, good handling

The Honda Activa is the final scooter to make this list. While it may not be a light as the Grazia that doesn’t mean it is slow off the line. The Honda Activa 125’s engine is good for 8.5 Bhp and 10.54 Nm of torque and comes mated to a a V-matic transmission, which allows it to excel on city roads. The Honda has enough power to zip through traffic with ease and a bit extra oomph to help it stay ahead of the pack.