India’s smallest Tata Indica is as crazy as it can get [Video]

Indians have always shown exceptional creativity in all fields and when it comes to creating custom cars they are no different. Recently a video of a modified Tata Indica made its way to the popular video-sharing platform YouTube but let it be known that this one is not an ordinary car. This particular Tata Indica V2 hatchback is the smallest one that exists in India or we can say that even in the entire world. A video showing the complete behind-the-scenes of this car-building process has grabbed the attention of a ton of people in the country.

The video of this two-door custom Tata Indica V2 has been uploaded on YouTube by Wasim Creation on their channel. The presenter of the video first shows the car before the beginning of all the modifications. He shows an old silver Indica V2 that had come from Indore, Madhya Pradesh for this transformation. He shows the car from the front, sides, and then rear as well. He also shows the interior of the car as well.

Following this, the video then skips showing the car cut and welded in its shorter wheelbase form. The video does not show the process of shortening of the car but instead shows all the processes after that. The presenter then shows the car from sides where we can see the rear door have been removed and the rear portion has been welded to the B pillar of the car to make it smaller. The technicians can been seen rectifying the other dents and dings of the car and the presenter then points out the other details of the car. He tells that the car also gets a custom scoop in the bonnet as per the customers demand.

India’s smallest Tata Indica is as crazy as it can get [Video]

He adds that they have not replaced the factory bumpers instead they have repaired and refitted them. He then points out a unique detail in the rear and that is the addition of three bolts where a tow hook attachment can be attached to haul things around. Following this he then shows the custom fabricated rear spoiler and roof rails for this unique car.

Later the car is shown with finished bodywork and tells that the car will be painted in two tone color scheme where the top half half would be finished in silver and the bottom part will painted in matte black. Following this the fully painted and assembled car can be seen. We can notice that the side flares and the front and rear bumpers have been painted in matte black. The presenter then measures the finished car and showcases that the new length of the car is 8 feet which is 3.5 feet smaller than the original car.

He then takes the car for spin and then shows the finished car in details. He mentions that at the front both of the headlights are brand new. He then shows the side profile of the car where new wheel covers have been added. Following this he opens the door and shows the custom built door that has been made by merging the front and rear doors of the stock car. Following this he shows the dashboard of the car finished in black and silver to match the exterior theme and he also shows the newly installed leather seat covers as well.


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