India’s tallest cop needs a custom built, lifted Mahindra Bolero to fit him [Video]

Living as India’s tallest cop, who has now become a celebrity in Punjab is not a small deal at all. Jagdeep Singh, who measures a massive 7.6 feet works as a police officer in Punjab for last 19 years now.

A new video showing his lifestyle has come up and it shows the cop living a life that can be difficult for the most. Well, who would like the idea of not fitting in a regular car? None of us. Jagdeep Singh received a Mahindra Bolero as his official car to do his daily duty but not surprisingly, the car does not fit the huge 7.6 feet structure of his body. What did he do? He modified the Boleo and lifted it up to make things easier. Even though the height of the cabin remains the same, getting in and out of the vehicle has become easier with the lift kit.

Jagdeep Singh is even taller than the Great Khali and is posted in Taran Tarn, a locality in Punjab. He moves around in the lifted Mahindra Bolero all around. Not many details are available on the modified version of the Bolero that Singh drives to work but a few glimpses show that the car now has much wider tyres and lift kit that makes the vehicle higher than the regular Bolero.

India's Tallest Cop Featured

We are not sure how legal the modifications are but since the cop is driving the vehicle, there’s not much to it. The Bolero higher than the stock version of the car but even then Singh towers over the vehicle and makes it look like a toy. Further, we can even spot an aftermarket bullbar at the front, which is a common feature in the off-road vehicles. However, it should be noted that the top court of India banned any aftermarket bumper as it becomes a solid structure and does not absorb any impact. This, in turn, can cause serious injuries to the other vehicles who impacted with this car and cause fatal injuries to the pedestrians. Also, there are auxiliary lamps mounted on the bullbar of the vehicle.

Jagdeep Singh looks absolutely like a giant even inside the car. He wears a turban, which can be seen touching the roof of the vehicle. There is also a glimpse of him riding a Hero Splendor and his giant body makes the motorcycle looks puny.

He faces such challenges even at his home where he has got a special 8X8 feet bed to accommodate his body. He has family and wherever he goes around in Punjab, people gather to click a picture with him. Well, he has even done a few movies and was there in Rang De Basanti, where he picked up Aamir Khan during a wrestling scene.

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