India’s WILDEST big tyred Royal Enfield: Dad & sons collaborate to build this bike [Video]

Royal Enfields are probably the most favorite motorcycles in India for people who love modifying them as per their taste. We have seen many such examples in the past where the Royal Enfields have been tastefully modified by some of the best custom houses in the country. Here we have one such wildly modified Royal Enfield from Punjab which runs on a set of huge tyres. The video has been uploaded by Punjab based Darshan TV on their Youtube channel. Lets have a look the bike and the comeback.

As mentioned above this bullet is from Punjab’s Sultanpur Lodhi in Kapurthala district. First thing that one would notice in this modified Bullet are the insanely wide tyres. These tyres give this motorcycle a distinctive identity. Other modifications made are the handle bar which is now wider and is placed higher than the stock one. A wider mudguard at the front that cover the wide tyre at the front and LED headlamp for better illumination.

Towards the rear it gets more of a minimalist approach. The only major change that you would notice at the rear are the new mudguard and the single seat setup with a tail light fixed under it.  The Sultapur Lodhi city is celebrating 550 years of Guru Nanak’s birthday and the same is written on the fuel tank of the bike.

India’s WILDEST big tyred Royal Enfield: Dad & sons collaborate to build this bike [Video]

The bike is owned by Sardar Malbir Singh. His sons, who are auto enthusiasts and are working abroad, came up with the idea of a modified bullet. All the inputs for modification were given by his children only. According to the video most of the parts used in the bike were sourced locally and some stuff was bought from from Delhi. The main challenge they faced during the whole modification involved the rims. They took help from a local bullet mechanic and an engineer to figure this whole thing out.

They took two individual rims and combined them to make one single rim. The also gets disc brakes at the rear for better stopping capabilities. The whole modification job took around 3 months and the total cost of modification was around Rs 4 lakh. It is not known if power figures have changed or remain the same. This modified Bullet has now become very popular in that area and the rider is now known as ‘Bullet Waala Baba’. The bike is powered by a 346cc, four stroke single cylinder engine whose stock outputs are 19.8 Bhp-28 Nm. A five speed manual gearbox is standard.