India’s WILDEST Mahindra Bolero: This is IT [Video]

Mahindra Bolero remained the best-selling Utility Vehicle in the Indian market for a long time. The Bolero is one of the cars in the market that is in production for more than a decade. The Bolero’s boxy design and rugged body make it popular in the demanding situations of many Indian cities and since it is a simple ladder-frame based vehicle, it offers a perfect platform to the people who want to modify their vehicles. While there are many examples of modified Mahindra Bolero MUVs in India, this one surely takes up the first position when it comes to wildest modification. Here are the details.

This Mahindra Bolero modification is based on the new Bolero and we can see the ribbons all around. Most modifications are based on older, second-hand Mahindra Bolero MUVs. This is something that makes it unique. The video shows the transformation process and the way the body metal has been cut to modify the MUV.

At the front, there are no headlamps. Instead, slim LED lamps have been installed. The bumper has been removed and a new metal bumper made out of 3mm sheet. The grille at the front is now rectangle in shape and gets a mesh wire protector. Also, there is an electric winch in the front, which will help the car to get out of sticky situations and will also help other vehicles to recover during off-roading.

The bonnet lid gets a massive air intake, which is faux and is there only for the visuals. No doubt that it adds extra muscle to the overall look of the Bolero and also makes it more imposing. Instead of the headlamps at the front, the modder has two 50 inches LED bars to the roof.

India’s WILDEST Mahindra Bolero: This is IT [Video]

The rear section of the Bolero has been chopped off and it can completely be stripped off to look barebone with an open section. The Bolero now gets 3.5-inch flared wheel arches with high lift jack on the side. The traction board can be mounted to the roof carrier. The other side of the Bolero also gets a snorkel. At the rear, there is a provision of the carrying a 20-litre jerrycan for fuel. The rear bumper has been updated to an all-metal one and there are twin exhausts too. There is also a steel hook mounted to the rear bumper. The tail lamps have been replaced with new ones. The stock tyres have been replaced with new Mud Terrain tyres that ensure a higher ground clearance too.

It is not known if the cabin of this Bolero also gets changes. In all, this modified Mahindra Bolero sure looks extreme and wild. It should be noted that such modifications will attract the attention of the cops on the road and since structural changes have been made, the modifications are illegal. However, you can transport the car on the back of a truck and use it during off-roading at private properties.