India’s WILDEST modified Tata Sierra: This is IT! [Video]

Tata Sierra is always considered as a vehicle that was launched way ahead of its time. Years after it was discontinued due to the low sales, it is a rare occurrence to spot a Sierra on the roads. But there are many enthusiasts who still own a Sierra in immaculate condition. Some of them have been heavily modified too. While you must have seen modified Tata Sierra SUVs before, here is an extreme one that has been modified all around to look like a beast. This surely qualifies as the wildest modifications that have been done to a Sierra.

This is a 1997 Tata Sierra that has been modified by NYC Nagpur. The SUV gets a new paint job, which is the army green colour in a matte finish. This is a slightly darker finish compared to the paint that you see on the Tata Storme for the Indian defence forces, which is why it seems to be black paint.

The changes are extensive and the vehicle gets a different look altogether. At the front, it gets a different look with steel off-road spec bumper and integrated lamps. There is also a massive skid plate that will save important mechanical parts while doing serious off-roading. The skid plate gets Tata logo, which tells about the massive amount of customisation it has received.

India’s WILDEST modified Tata Sierra: This is IT! [Video]

The headlamps have been replaced with two flowing LED lamps and the centre, the NYC logo is positioned. It also gets a bullbar. The wheel arches have been modified to fit massive 31-inch tyres while the wheel arches have been modified with sharp-looking flares. The car also gets a snorkel intake positioned on the driver-side. It increases the water wading capability of the vehicle.

On the side, you will also notice the uniquely shaped roof-carrier that crosses the rear of the vehicle and ends at the rear wheel arch. The spare wheel has been mounted to the top of the vehicle and there is a massive LED bar too. The exhausts now come out of the side of the Sierra and at the rear, it gets a high lift jack too.  The vehicle has no chrome all over and it really looks extremely sporty from all the angles.

We are not sure about the engine here because there is no information on it. The Tata Sierra came with a 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated diesel engine initially. It was later launched with a turbocharged diesel engine too that produces around 90 Bhp while the naturally-aspirated version offered a maximum of 68 Bhp.

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