India’s worst drivers: Renault’s experiment reveals the truth

Staying in a metropolis city can be tough and hectic, especially if you drive your own vehicle. Over-speeding, signal violation, lane cutting, pedestrian safety violation among many others are things which almost every one who drives has witnessed and even participated into. While there has been a lot of effort put into the cause of making our roads safe, the results have never been remarkable.

To get into the depths of road usage and violation, Renault India partnered with its creative agency Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, and decided to monitor the driving habits of motorists across a few important locations. The locations that were selected were wither in Mumbai and Delhi and the selection was done based on traffic, violation frequency and conditions. Various cameras were installed across the selected sites to monitored the traffic violations that took place every hour.

The experiment has been made into two part short film series. They have been launched only on digital platform and titled ‘Who are India’s Worst Drivers?’. The aim of this experiment is to throw light upon the intensity and seriousness of our malfunctioning road systems. Vehicles spanning from bikes, auto-rickshaws, taxis, cars to buses, trucks, etc, every thing was put into study. Every owner or road user shares their own perspective upon who is at fault and why are the conditions as such, with hardly anyone pointing a finger to themselves. The experiment threw up startling findings that showed there are almost 110 traffic violations per signal / per hour.

Commenting on the initiative, Virat Khullar, Vice President and Head of Marketing, Renault India said:

“Renault stands for ‘Passion for life’ which in a way means easy life for our customers. But for an easy life with cars, one important aspect is to follow the rules defined for driving these cars on road. In India we all face huge traffic issues and true to our nature, all externalise the fault. This campaign is an attempt to portray reality that the traffic situation can only improve if we change ourselves and respect the road.”

The first video is about asking questions to the various people who share road on where the problem lies. The second video is a follow up which answer the question by monitoring the road usage and reporting a staggering number of violations by almost all types of transportation mediums on road.

While traffic situations have never been very good in India, things now need to improve especially since we are aspiring to become a World superpower. One simple way of being a better road user is to monitor yourself and see if you are a good road user or not. Also, the practice of participating into wrongdoings on roads because rest are doing it should be stopped. As a beginning, try not to jump signal, however tempting the situation might be.