Indore Police issues challan to BMW owner for changing colour: Car seized

Indore Police has issued a challan to a BMW owner for getting his car wrapped. The car owner claims that he spent around Rs 50,000 on getting the vehicle wrapped from Delhi. However, the cops issued a challan when the registration details of the vehicle did not match the colour of the body.

Indore Police issues challan to BMW owner for changing colour: Car seized

According to the reports, Indore Police has stopped this vehicle several times for other violations. DCP (Traffic) Mahesh Chand Jain said traffic subedar Amit Kumar Yadav stopped the Haryana-registered BMW car. The car did not have any registration plates on it and was going towards the Bengali Square.

After the cops stopped the vehicle and checked the registration details, they figured out that the car is not in the original shade. The driver of the car said that the car belongs to Vishal Dawar. The police then checked online to find out more details on the vehicle. They saw videos of the car getting wrapped in Delhi. Vishal bought the car a few months ago from Delhi.

Without a satisfactory answer, the traffic police seized the car for plying on the roads without a registration plate and changing its colour. The police will take further action against the vehicle owner.

The very same vehicle was stopped by DCP a few months ago for using window tints. Again, another traffic subedar caught the same vehicle a few weeks back for driving without a registration plate under the influence of alcohol.

Can you use a wrap on your car?

It lies in a grey area. The Indian authorities have banned changing the colour of the vehicle. If one changes the colour, it has to be endorsed on the registration certificate. However, wraps do not change the colour of the vehicle permanently. That is why the wraps lie in a grey area.

The Indian authorities take modifications on vehicles quite seriously in recent times. While there is no law in the book that talks about wraps, there is a section that talks about changing the original colour of the vehicle. Changing the original or stock colour of the vehicle is illegal in India. However, the cops in most states and union territories do not stop vehicles with different coloured wraps. If you have any experience, do share that same with us.

To be on the safer side, it is better to stick to the stock colour while choosing the wrap for the vehicle. Or if you wish, you can ask the local authorities like the RTO about the rule and get the same in writing. Wraps sure are a way to unlock the true creative potential, if they are legal.

Changing the stock colour puts the cops in a tizzy. If the vehicle gets stolen and the cops put out an alert for the same, it is difficult for them to spot the vehicle if it looks different from the stock colour.

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