Can this inflatable bed turn rear seat of Mahindra XUV500 into a bed?

These days, number of accessories are available online to make your life inside the car better. We have featured several accessories that are available online in the past. One such accessory that one might need on a long road trip is an inflatable bed that can easily fit in the rear seat of the cars. We have seen several videos in the past where owners remove or fold the second row of seats to convert the cabin into a bed but, when you are on a road trip, you’ll carrying lot of stuff like food, water and dress and making space by folding seats will not a feasible option. That is where the inflatable bed for cars come into picture. Is it actually a good product? Here we have a video that shows whether an inflatable bed can convert the second row seats in an XUV500 into a bedroom.

The video has been published by Explore The Unseen 2.0 on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger showing the inflatable bed that they had bought for a Spiti road trip that they are starting soon. The vlogger unboxes the cover and checks all the things inside the package. He along with his friend then take the package to the XUV500 and start inflating it. The package came with a small inflator and multiple nozzles to inflate the bed.

The bed had two parts. One one them goes on the floor and the other on the seat. The one on the floor is supposed to offer support to the other part which is placed on the seat. It even comes with couple of pillows. They start inflating and soon realise something wrong. The bed and the lower part was not inflating properly and so were the pillows. The vlogger somehow inflate it completely and then asks his friend to test it by lying on it.

Can this inflatable bed turn rear seat of Mahindra XUV500 into a bed?

He steps inside and soon shares that the bed is not stable. As the air was not filling inside the bed properly, it was not able to handle the weight of the occupant. The vlogger’s friend was not able to lie down on the bed. The vlogger then mentioned that, he had bought this bed online and they wanted it for their Spiti trip where the roads are all uneven. In such a terrain, this bed will be of no use. Vlogger even mentions that, lying down on the seat is much better than sleeping on this bed. If a person sleeps on this bed, there is a possibility that he or she might fall down to the space between the seats.

Clearly, this bed was not successful in converting the rear seat on the XUV500 into a bed but, this does not mean that, it was a bad idea. It is just that the bed that the vlogger had bought was not not of good quality. There are several other inflatable beds for cars available online which will serve the purpose. The vlogger mentions that he might be returning the product soon.